Phonak PartnerMic™
Discreet and easy-to-use remote microphone when you need a little boost in one-to-one conversations

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Phonak PartnerMic

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Phonak PartnerMic is a discreet and easy-to-use microphone optimal for one-to-one conversations in noisy environments. Attach it anywhere onto your partners shirt, blouse or jacket without having to worry about the positioning. Thanks to Phonak AirStream™ technology, speech is streamed to your hearing aids without an additional device.

Easy to use
Simple and easy to use – just switch it on and enjoy hearing conversations

Always directional
Just attach it without having to worry about positioning.

AirStream™ technology
Clear speech is streamed directly to your hearing aids with the Phonak PartnerMic

Order one of these and we recommend get service from a local provider!! Make it easy. User_Guide_PartnerMic_92x125_EN_V1.00_029-0790-02

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