Siemens Signia VoiceLink is a voice transmitter that connects to a plug-in microphone and transmits sound via an easyTek or miniTek using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

The Siemens VoiceLink Microphone is a Bluetooth-enabled microphone. It will convert audio signals to Bluetooth and stream them to miniTek and easyTek system. The miniTek has to be programmed in order to do this but easyTek can be easily paired up, no configuration required.

There is a plug-in microphone feature, which helps to improve the clarity of speech over background noise. It can be added as the second transmitter when linked to a miniTek or easyTek device. This means that the Siemens Signia VoiceLink can be used in situations where it is necessary to hear a speaker clearly but there is background noise. It comes with a lapel clip so that it is easy to put in place and is very lightweight. It can be used in conferences, classrooms or restaurants, anywhere there is a potentially noisy environment and a speaker needs to be heard clearly. It can also be used to pick up sounds from a television, radio or other device when there is too much background noise to be able to hear it clearly. This can be useful if you cannot plug straight into a headphone socket on the device. It has a rechargeable battery, which takes about 3 hours to fully recharge.