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Signs It’s Time to Have Your Hearing Tested

Time for a hearing test

Hearing loss can come on gradually and these days it isn’t a problem reserved just for seniors. While it’s true hearing loss is one of the
top 3 most common ailments that are also treatable when it comes to older adults, young people are noticing hearing loss as well. Loud work environments,
music, hereditary components, and even trauma from sports or auto accidents are contributing to the hearing loss epidemic. No one wants to hear they need to
have their hearing tested, no matter their age. But if it can help you get the most out of life, why wouldn’t you? When do you know it’s time? Other than the obvious signs like when others tell you should, answering the following five questions will help you to figure it out for yourself.


If you are constantly asking the other members of your conversations to repeat what they are saying, you are probably having a hard time hearing. Not only is this a nuisance for you, but it can be a bother to those you are speaking with. Cut the hassle and test your hearing.


One sign you need to head over to Kim Fishman, Audiology to have your hearing tested is having trouble picking up specific sounds when there are background noises present. Having a hard time hearing a conversation at your own table while at a crowded restaurant? Your dinner guests will be
grateful for your hearing test.


One of the biggest reasons family and friends will suggest you get your hearing tested will be when you start cranking the volume on the TV or other devices. This is one of the most obvious signs it is becoming difficult for you to hear and you may not realize it yourself. If they notice it and say something to you, you might want to take their advice. They’ll thank you for it, and you might thank them as well when you can hear better.


Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can be one of the most telltale signs of hearing loss. This isn’t necessarily in just older adults, either. Even in children who have listened to music too loud or received trauma to the head can experience tinnitus. If your kid complains of ringing in the ears that won’t go away, it’s time to have their hearing checked for permanent hearing loss.


Talking on a phone, whether a landline or a cell, can be difficult for those with hearing loss. If you are avoiding phone conversations
as they are more difficult for you, not only are you missing out on important social events by withdrawing, you may be avoiding the fact you need to get your
hearing tested. Denial is no one’s friend, especially when it comes to your hearing.

There’s no point in living with hearing loss if you don’t have to. If you are experiencing any of the above, a hearing test and treatment
can help you get the most out of life. Don’t live in denial, just dial! We would love to schedule you an appointment for your hearing test. 

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