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Does Your Mom Need a Hearing Aid

Does your mom have a hearing loss

Your mom is getting older. Perhaps she doesn’t always remember what you tell her, doesn’t seem to pay attention to what’s being said or gets confused on details. It would be easy to assume that these are symptoms of dementia and memory loss, and they could be. But they can also be symptoms of a much more correctible problem – hearing loss.


It is a well-documented fact that men are more prone to hearing loss than women. Symptoms of hearing loss in men are also likely to start earlier in life than in women. Hearing loss in women tends be more gradual, where hearing decline in men is often at a more pronounced rate.

Another difference between men and women in the area of hearing loss is the sound frequencies that are affected. Men tend to lose hearing in the higher frequency range, while women are more likely to lose hearing in lower frequencies. These differences between how hearing loss presents itself in women can sometimes cause hearing loss in women to be overlooked or go undiagnosed.


As you spend time with your mom on Mother’s Day, you may want to watch for signs of hearing loss. Here are a few examples of what to look for:

  1. Not responding to conversations directed at her when her back is turned to the speaker.
  2. Asking restaurant servers to repeat things.
  3. Misunderstandings when asked questions. Example: Answering, yes, when asked if she would like soup or salad.
  4. Not noticing sirens when driving.
  5. Difficulty in understanding verbal directions.
  6. Moving the phone from one ear to the other to hear clearer.
  7. Repeatedly turning her head in one direction (left or right) when people are speaking to her.


As stated above, women are less likely to experience hearing loss than men, but it does happen. The good news is that women are generally more willing to admit they have a hearing problem and to seek a solution than their male counterparts. With hearing aids available in small, less visible options today, a woman can wear a hearing aid without it being noticed by most people.

If you notice signs that Mom may be experiencing some hearing loss, take the initiative and suggest a hearing test. Greater clarity of sound adds so much value to life. It can be a good way to show her how much you care. Contact Kim Fishman, Audiology at 952-767-0672 to schedule a hearing test today!

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