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Bundle TV Link Streamer & BeHear Access Personal Sound Amplifier

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With this bundle you can use the Be Hear Access to hear better in any environment as well as stream TV directly to the device!



BeHear ACCESS II Personal Amplifier

Hearing amplifier for live conversations, mobile calls, streamed audio, looped venues, and more!
  • Easy to tune, even without the BeHear smartphone app!
  • Full customization and advanced features via BeHear app
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for amplified phone calls and audio steaming
  • Large control buttons and charging cradle for ease of use
  • Built-in tinnitus masking sound therapy
  • Rechargeable for up to 13 hours of use
Note: BeHear ACCESS Model II headsets are not hearing aids and are not designed to restore hearing.

HearLink Plus: Long Range Audio and TV Transmitter

Restore Pleasure to the TV Watching Experience

HearLink PLUS low latency long-range Bluetooth audio transmitter connects to the digital optical interface or analog sound output on any standard television or other audio device and transmits the sound directly to your BeHear headset. Alango Technologies’ sound enhancement technology clarifies speech and the Bluetooth connection eliminates ambient sound interference to provide you with the optimum listening experience.

HearLink PLUS use case schematic diagram

Comfortable and Enjoyable Listening

The HearLink PLUS audio transmitter is designed to help viewers comprehend television dialogue and enjoy programs without increasing the volume beyond levels comfortable to other viewers. It also enhances the listening experience for other audio sources.

HearLink PLUS low latency long range Bluetooth audio transmitter use case

Dual Mode Keeps You Connected to Your Phone

The BeHear headset can be connected to the HearLink PLUS TV transmitter and to a smartphone at the same time. This allows you to watch TV with the ListenThrough technology activated (passing through important ambient sounds via the headset), while also allowing you to make/receive phone calls.
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Product Details

This bundle of the BeHear Acess and TV Link is a wonderful combination to hear better in general environments and on TV

Save money on this perfect personal sound amplifier bundle.

The Access is a fairly easy product for someone who is somewhat tech-savvy.  And the tv link sets up to your digital TV and streams your tv shows right into your ears.  There is nothing not to like about this product.

This personal sound amplifier allows clear and natural amplification set to your liking.

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