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Our Consignment Store

Hearing aids, Hearing loss in Minnesota

It is our belief that used products are a good choice and a choice one should consider if need be.

It is important for you to know that our online consignment products available for purchase have all been checked and tested by a professional. All products work to the best of their abilities. If you have questions on how well a product will work for what you want it to do, please feel free to reach out via the contact form and we will gladly answer questions.

We clean all products and then sterilize them in our little sterilization oven. We connect all the hearing aids we receive to the software system and program them to accommodate mild to moderate hearing loss. The receivers are also used and are also sterilized with a UV-C oven and in working order.

Please know that the little tips or domes at the end of the receivers or tubing are new. We will also send you a small free assortment of tips/domes that go with the hearing aid receiver or tubing.

Although the consignment products are non-refundable, you are welcome to see if we can sell them again for you. We do charge for helping you sell your hearing aids as a service to you. You are welcome to read the post on selling in our consignment store.

Used products not only help the environment by recycling products that still work but are also a great option for those who don’t want to spend more money than what they have or what they need. We worker bees at Hears Hearing & Hearables personally like to buy used products ourselves, like used clothes from a consignment store, and used cars, which are so much more affordable. These consignment stores or used lots are plentiful and trustworthy. We also have reasonable expectations when we buy used and we hope you do too.

Our in-person clinic in Hopkins, Minnesota, Hears to U, Hearing & Hearables, has added an online store so we can provide affordable solutions near and far. The online store helps support our brick-and-mortar, but even more importantly, we notice it supports those people around the United States who do not have a clinic nearby or a clinic that offers choices of products.  For that reason, our online store is very accessible.

Hears to U, Hearing & Hearables added an online store to help with affordable products. It is our mission to try to give people the best prices for the products they want/need. We agree that hearing aids in particular and those products with them are expensive.  It is not up to us if you can afford or find a lower cost benefit to hearing better, as long as you are hearing better.

In any case, our consignment store is combining the accessible and affordable mission. Many of our clients in our brick-and-mortar clinic have turned in their used hearing aids for other people to enjoy. Some of our clients want to sell their used aids and not have as a back up. It is all good, in either case, we are happy to be able to present you with some excellent options.  We have been dabbling in the used hearing aids for a while not only with our clients wanting to sell to others but our clients wanting to buy a used product.  Overall the experience has been more than positive.

Remember, if you have questions about a product in our consignment store we are here to help. We prefer a contact form for questions over a phone call. We are busy in the clinic helping others and emails are less obtrusive.

We also recommend that if you buy a used hearing aid from our consignment store to take it to a licensed hearing professional to adjust to your specifications. If you are in Minnesota we are happy to help as always as a service. We can also help you find the closest great licensed professional near where you live.  We are still working on building up our network of professionals that you may also use for service and support.


used signia styletto connect hearing aids

Used Signia Styletto Connect 7 Hearing Aids

Used Signia Styletto Connect 7 Hearing Aids
used rexton hearing aids

Used Rexton Emerald 80 6C Hearing Aids

Used Rexton Emerald 80 6C Hearing Aids
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