The Risks of Buying Hearing Aids from eBay: A Cautionary Tale

Hearing aids online

The Hidden Dangers of eBay: Unraveling the Risks of Purchasing Hearing Aids From an Unknown Source

In today’s digital age, online marketplaces like eBay offer convenience and seemingly endless options for purchasing goods. However, when it comes to sensitive medical devices like hearing aids, the ease of buying online can come with significant risks and uncertainties. At Hears Hearing & Hearables, we recently encountered a troubling scenario that underscores the dangers of buying hearing aids from eBay. Highlighting the importance of ensuring the legitimacy of hearing aid purchases.

Hearing Aids and eBay

Let’s first examine the prevalence of hearing aids being sold on eBay before delving into our experience. According to recent statistics, eBay hosts a substantial number of listings for hearing aids. At any given time, a potential buyer has thousands of hearing aids to chose from. While some of these listings may be legitimate, many others raise concerns about their origins and authenticity. Purchasing hearing aids from unauthorized sellers can lead to a myriad of issues. Issues such as subpar quality, expired warranties, unauthorized hearing aids, and even potential hearing risks.

A Warning Tale

Our recent encounter with a customer’s hearing aid issue serves as a stark reminder of these risks. The customer had purchased a pair of hearing aids on eBay and later sent them to us for repair. Upon inspection, we discovered that the hearing aids were still under warranty. However, when we attempted to process the warranty claim with the manufacturer, we encountered a shocking revelation… The serial numbers provided by the customer did not match the manufacturer’s records.

Further investigation revealed that the hearing aids had been reported as returned for credit by the manufacturer. They indicated that the customer did not legitimately acquire them. Essentially, the customer had unwittingly purchased stolen or misrepresented hearing aids from eBay. Upon learning the truth, the customer understandably became furious, and we were equally dismayed by the situation. Sadly, we didn’t look under a magnifying glass to confirm the serial numbers were not what he gave us. 

As a reputable audiologist, licensed and practicing for almost 30 years, our business takes pride in ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers. However, navigating the aftermath of this incident presented a significant challenge. Due to the hearing aids’ questionable origins (having been returned for credit), the manufacturer refused to honor the hearing aids warranties. Leaving us and the customer in a difficult position.  We wonder how a hearing aid can still be out when the manufacturer said it was returned for credit…

Problem Solving Prevails

In response, we devised a solution to address the customer’s needs while upholding our commitment to quality and integrity. Despite the manufacturer’s refusal to service the hearing aids, we offered the customer a used hearing aids from our verified and reputable inventory.  Many of our patients like to offer their old hearing aids to someone in need.  While this resolution required additional resources and effort on our part, we recognized the importance of prioritizing the customer’s well-being hearing needs and satisfaction.

This unfortunate experience underscores a critical truth: buying hearing aids from random sources, especially online marketplaces like eBay and even Facebook, carries inherent risks. Without guarantees of authenticity and provenance, potential scams, counterfeit products, and compromised quality leave consumers vulnerable.

Why Buy from a Trusted Source like our Consignment Store

At Hears Hearing & Hearables, we prioritize transparency, authenticity, and customer satisfaction above all else. When we consign hearing aids in our store, we take meticulous care to verify their authenticity, ensure their functionality, and confirm their eligibility for warranty coverage. By adhering to stringent standards and protocols, we strive to provide our customers with peace of mind and confidence in their hearing healthcare investments.

Final remarks; while the allure of online shopping may be tempting, it’s crucial to exercise caution and diligence when purchasing hearing aids or any medical device. By choosing reputable and authorized providers like Hears Hearing & Hearables, consumers can mitigate the risks associated with buying hearing aids online. Therefore safeguarding their health and well-being. Remember, when it comes to your hearing health, trust matters.

This listing is for a pair of Used ReSound ONE 9 RIE hearing aids. These are premium technology and only 2.5 years old. These hearing aids are in warranty until 4/30/2024, however we just sent them in to the manufacturer for new lithium-ion batteries and refurbishing so they are in like-new condition. This listing includes:
  • pair of Used ReSound ONE 9 RIE Hearing aids with 2M receivers
  • Standard charger with cable
  • Original packaging and manuals
  • Cleaning cloth and supplies
**Although these hearing aids are programmed for a mild-moderate hearing loss, we always recommend having any hearing aid fit for your specific loss by a hearing healthcare professional.
This listing is for a pair of very gently used Unitron hearing aids. The pair is the Moxi Blu 9 R hearing aids. They are rechargeable and in great working condition. These hearing aids were barely worn before being passed on to our consignment store. They come with both repair and loss & damage warranties until May 2028. The Moxi Blu hearing aids are one generation behind their newest Vivante hearing aids. This bar is the B-9 which means it is the premium technology level. If you have any questions about these aids or anything in our consignment store, please reach out to us! This listing includes:
  • Pair of Unitron Moxi Blue 9 R hearing aids
  • 3P receivers for both right and left hearing aids
  • Unitron Moxi Charger with Power Pack (on-board battery for on the go charging)
  • Charging cable
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Original hearing aid and charger manuals
**Please note that although this hearing aid is set to accommodate a mild hearing loss, we always recommend having hearing aids fit to your specific hearing loss by a local hearing care provider.
This listing is for a pair of Used Signia Styletto Connect 7 Rechargeable hearing aids. These aids come with 3M receivers, are set to suit a mild-moderate hearing loss, and are in great working condition. They have manufacturer warranties until 7/11/2024. These are premium technology hearing aids that are just a few models behind Signia's newest hearing aids. The have Bluetooth streaming and are sleek and easy to use. Although these are set for a mild-moderate hearing loss we always recommend having a hearing healthcare professional program them to your hearing loss. These hearing aids also come with an additional charger for backup! This listing includes:
  • Pair of Signia Styletto Connect 7 Hearing Aids with 3M receivers
  • Charger cables and wall port
  • Additional Signia Connect Charger
  • Original manuals

This listing is for a pair of Used Rexton Emerald 80 6C Hearing Aids.

These hearing aids use size 13 batteries and are also compatible with the rechargeable Power One P13 batteries. The Rexton Emerald 6C Hearing Aids do not stream with your phone but they are compatible with the Connexx Smart Remote App so that you can control your hearing aid volume and program settings through your phone! Although this is an older model of Rexton hearing aids it is the top of the line technology for its time. They are still in great working condition and are programmed to suit a mild-moderate hearing loss. Although we always recommend having any hearing aid fit to your hearing loss by a hearing healthcare professional. Included in this listing:
  • Pair of Deep Brown Rexton Emerald 80 6C hearing aids with 2S receivers
  • Carrying/Storage case
  • Assortment of tip sizes
  • Pack of wax guards
  • Original manual and safety guide
If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we are happy to help!
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