Seven Reasons Not to Buy a Hearing aid Online before seeing a Professional First

Danger, danger Will Robinson!

All kidding aside, as you look at which hearing aid to purchase online, you need to be aware of conditions that should prompt you to seek medical advice; preferably from an ear/hearing specialist:

  1. -Visible deformity of the ear, either present from birth or from trauma

  2. -Fluid, pus, or blood coming out the ear in the past 6 months

  3. -Pain or discomfort in the ear

  4. -History of excessive ear wax or suspicion that something is in the ear canal

  5. -Episodes of vertigo ( a sensation of spinning or swaying) or severe dizziness

  6. -Sudden, quickly worsening, or fluctuation hearing loss in the past six months

  7. -Hearing loss or ringing (tinnitus) only in one ear or a noticeable difference in hearing between the ears

Please call, schedule, email or fill out a contact form for us to review your individual needs and we will help you figure out what to do.  We thank you ahead of time.


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