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Widex Moment BTE Charger

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Standard Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid Charger or Charge-N-Clean for the Widex Moment BTE Hearing Aids

An important accessory your Widex standard Behind-the-ear (BTE) Moment rechargeable hearing aids, you can use the compact and easy-to-use Widex Standard Charger, which offers:

  • The 4-hour charge for full-day use – 30-minute charge for 4-hour hearing aid use
  • Small enough to take anywhere and cute as well
  • LED light indicators to show charging status

We carry both the Standard and fancier Charge N Clean accessory charger options for Widex Moment BTE hearing aids.

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Charge N Clean Charger, Standard Charger


More information about the Widex BTE Hearing Aid Charger Accessory

Take better care of your Widex rechargeable hearing aids with Widex Charge n Clean accessory.

The Charge N Clean Charger has a lid and is a bit more portable (although it does NOT hold a charge). When the lid is closed the UV cleaning is activated.

The 3-in-1 charger accessory for Widex Behind-the-Ear hearing aids offers:

  • 4-hour charge for full day use – 30-min charge for 4-hour hearing aid use
  • UV-C LED treatment eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria, yeast and viruses
  • Temperature stabilization throughout the charging process to ensure optimal battery performance (as recommended by battery manufacturers).

Read more about Widex charging accessory options here!

If you wear the Widex Moment sRIC or mRIC (smaller hearing aids and a thin receiver) you can order the charger accessory for those HERE!

*purchase is only for the accessory charger, no hearing aids included


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