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Signia AX/IX Wax Guards

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These packs of Wax Guards come with 8 sticks and are compatible across different brands.

Wax guards help keep your hearing aids clean, moisture free, and working well.

  • Make sure you are changing yours when they are filled with wax to keep hearing well!
  • These wax guards are compatible with Signia AX and IX hearing aids

If you have any questions about what wax guards you need, you can always email us what hearing aid you wear and we will help!

Additional information

Weight 10 oz


Compatible with Signia AX, Signia IX, and Rexton BiCore hearing aid models.

Confirm with us. Fill out a contact form and we will help make sure the Signia AX wax guards are what you need.

If you have a relatively newer type heairng aid, you may need some wax guards for your receiver or at the end of your hearing aid that goes into your ear to stop the wax. Get yours here. Multiple brands.
Wax guards for Signia and Rexton brand

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