These wax guards are for all Signia and Rexton hearing aids that are NOT on the AX platform.

These Signia/Rexton Wax Guards come with 8 wax guards in a pack to keep wax out of your receiver and your hearing aid working great.

They work with older Signia hearing aids (not on the AX platform) and older Rexton aids (not on the M-Core or Bi-Core platform).


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Signia/Rexton 2.0 Wax Guards for Hearing Aids

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To change your Signia/Rexton wax guards:

  1. Remove the dome on the end of your hearing aid
  2. Take one of the wax guard sticks, push the empty end into the white circle on the end of your wire then twist and pull it out
  3. Flip your wax guard stick to the side with the new wax guard. Push it to wear you removed the old one from
  4. Replace your dome, and make sure it is securely on so it doesn’t fall out in your ear!


If you also need replacement domes, you can find them HERE!


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Weight 10 oz

Rexton, Signia

Wax guards for Signia and Rexton brand

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