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ClearSounds CSC600ER Ultraclear Amplifying Emergency Connect Speakerphone

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Stay Independent. Stay Safe. Stay Connected.

The Clear Sounds Emergency Connect phone is an amplified SOS alert telephone.

It enables you to make a call for help when you cannot reach a phone and, when the call is answered, you and the other person can hear one another over its amplified speaker. When you need help, simply press the button on the wireless pendant you are wearing.

The ClearSounds amplified Emergency phone senses the wireless signal and automatically does the dialing for you. It calls the first person the phone has listed as an emergency contact for you, such as a family member, friend or neighbor. If that person does not answer, or the line is busy, it automatically calls the second person in your pre-programmed list. The phone continues dialing up to 5 numbers until somebody answers. If nobody answers, it starts over again and tries them all a second time.

When the phone reaches a live person, it plays your pre-recorded emergency message.

The other person presses a number (0-9) to confirm that the emergency message has been received and to deactivate the phone from dialing the next emergency contact number. The Amplified emergency phone then turns on its speakerphone so that the emergency contact is able to speak and listen to the other user.


Additional information

Weight 40 oz


ClearDigitalTM Power delivers maximum clarity & background noise suppression

– 50 dB amplification with full range tone control
– Full duplex speakerphone in base (12 dB amplification)
– 104 dB adjustable extra loud ringer and bright visual ringer
– 7 Programmable memory keys

Emergency (SOS) Features

• Auto dials up to 5 pre-programmed numbers
• Answer and hang up a call through the pendant
• Recordable outgoing emergency message
• Pair additional pendants (sold separately)
• No monthly subscription is required
• Remote Audio Monitoring

Talking Features

• Talking Caller ID – speaks name and number of the caller. If you have entered a number into the phonebook and have recorded a voice entry, this recording will be announced.
• Talking Keypad – number verification for pre-dialing (speaks back through speakerphone)
• Talking Phonebook – record a name for each phonebook entry
• Talking Review – when reviewing the Caller ID list, phone book, or redial list, the information will be spoken

Caller ID*

• Large backlit angle-adjustable LCD display
• Talking Caller ID
• 30 name/number Caller ID history
• Caller ID/Call waiting capable
• Display dial
• Missed call indicator
• New call indicator
• Voicemail waiting indicator
*Use of Caller ID requires a subscription to the Caller ID service

Additional Features

• Single-line phone
• 30 name and number phonebook directory – easily store and dial frequently called numbers
• Big button easy-to-read backlit keypad
• Hi/Med/Lo/Off ringer volume control and 10 ring tones
• 5 one-touch speed dials, a one-touch emergency speed dial and a SOS emergency helper button
• Amplification override reset
• Battery back-up for complete phone operation during power outage (4 AAA re-chargeable batteries not included)
• 4 LCD display languages
• Amplified 2.5mm headset jack and amplified 3.5mm audio jack
• Jack for optional vibrating pad offers silent ring signaling
• Last number redial and redial list
• Touch-tone/Pulse dialing
• Table/wall convertible
• Hearing Aid Compatible

Size: 7.75” x 7.5” x 1.75”
Color: White
1-year warranty

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