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ClearSounds Quattro 4.0: A Bluetooth streamer with T-Coil connection to your Hearing aid

Quattro 4 clearsounds bluetooth streamer

Hearing Loops and T-coil Induction Loops

ClearSounds Quattro 4.0

Want to be able to hear in meetings, on phone calls, on the TV, and in music more clearly.  This may be the Bluetooth streamer accessory for you.

The ClearSounds Quattro 4 has an array of features that are very neat and maybe you can benefit from hearing from a smartphone, computer, MP3 player, or in a noisy environment using the removable mic or even while talking on the phone directly to your ears.  You can use the earpieces that come with the product or your own earbuds or your hearing aid or cochlear implant with your t-coil.

It is a sleek Device you wear around your neck that is connected to earbuds, hearing aids, or a cochlear implant.  It has a detachable omnidirectional microphone that picks up surrounding sounds and transmits them to your ears via the device you are using.  You can even adjust the sensitivity of the microphone to minimize background noise.  It has Bluetooth for an easy connection for streaming and can connect to 5 pieces, two simultaneously.  This piece is hands-free as well.

You can hear better in meetings:

Working at Hears to U, Audiology I hear this from our patients, “I want to contribute in meetings and social situations, but that is easier said than done.  I feel like I am missing something, so I would rather say nothing instead of looking stupid”.   They report in that they are not necessarily saying “What?” a lot, but just have a sense that something has changed.  One woman in particular that I remember, called and had a similar story.  She had her test and sure enough, a mild loss in the lower ranges.  The Quattro 4 ClearSounds bluetooth streamer was a good option for her in her work meetings and she loved it for Bluetooth streaming from her smartphone.

If you have Hearing aids:

Good for her, but what if you have or need hearing aids to use all the time.   The good news, the Quattro 4 by ClearSounds will also connect to your hearing aids; Hearing aids with a T-coil work best as you need to connect to your t-coil program in your hearing aids.  Depending on the type of hearing aid you have, this could help you fine-tune your listening needs by decreasing the background noise of a restaurant, driving in your car, or talking on your cell phone while taking a walk.

In the Kit of the Quattro 4 bluetooth streamer by ClearSounds:

The ClearSounds Quattro 4.0 comes with a remote microphone, charging adapter, charging cable, wired earpieces, and an instruction manual.  The Quattro 4 and the microphone take about five hours to charge, and that will give you 3 hours of talking time on the loop and six hours on the headset.  The Bluetooth Connection is a V4. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ClearSounds bluetooth hub

ClearSounds Bluetooth Hub and Phone Amplifier

ClearSounds Bluetooth Hub and Phone Amplifier
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