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Is there a difference between hearing aids?

I recently had the opportunity to listen to a variety of hearing aids and to be honest, there is a difference. I will not use brand names
because I want to remain objective and not have any of my unknown biases interfere with what I want to convey. For me to notice a difference I had to
first try more than one. After trying a couple, I was able to tell a few things I liked about one over the other. Hearing aids come in many different styles
and with many different technology levels. This is a really great thing as it gives the wearer choice and the ability to find a hearing aid that is personal
to them.


Purchasing a hearing aid should be just that, a personal decision. Similar to when it comes to buying a car or an ice cream bar, you
don’t get one that fits your friend you get one that’s right for you.  One that comes with the bells and whistles you want to ring and blow. These hearing
aids have evolved in such a way that you can get one that fits your daily lifestyle. When it comes to technology the different brands work pretty much
the same. The lower the technology, the fewer gimmicks that come with that hearing aid. If you are less active you may gravitate towards a hearing aid with lower
technologies and if you are active and spend lots of time outside the home, you may want something with a few more tricks.


Some of the technologically advanced aids include voice processing or the ability for the aid to recognize your voice and sound more
natural, pick up more sounds from your surroundings, or stream wirelessly from your phone to your hearing aids. You can literally watch your movies or listen
to your music and hear it coming directly through your ears via your hearing aids. The higher the technology you choose the more you get. With each brand,
there are different levels of ascension.


Each hearing aid I have tried has a specific phone app that goes along with the aid and allows for even greater personalization. You can
use the app to control the volume of your aids or utilize a spatial configurator which allows you to personalize which direction you desire to
listen. You can literally hear more of what is happening in the backseat of the car or simply shut out surrounding noise so that you can listen more to that
important person talking to you from the other side of the dinner table. At Hears to U, Audiology, it’s almost
a smorgasbord of hearing aids with many functionalities to fit just about anyone desiring to hear better in background noise, to that special someone, or
just hear the birds sing songs you have long forgotten.


There are options for most hearing aids for the operator to use batteries or chargers. The different hearing aids that I have tried have
all fit in such a way that they have literally gone unnoticed by most people. Why do you feel you want to try some new cool hearing aids? What is it that you
need your hearing aid to do? Where do you need your hearing aid to do it? These are simple questions that when answered can yield massive results when it comes to choosing the right style and technology just right for you. Try one like I did, or heck try them all, just like me!

Jeffery B.  

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