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We Can Help You Sell Your Used Hearing Aids and Hearing Products in our Consignment Store

Gently used Widex Unique Fusion 440 hearing aids for hearing loss, tinnitus, and more

Isn’t it interesting to think there is a market for selling used hearing aids and hearing products?

It makes sense as there are so many other products that people want to buy used. People buy used cars, furniture, jewelry, clothes, kitchen pots and pans, and even toys. Why not hearing aids and hearables? These products can be expensive and sharing a product that we no longer use is kind to others as well as kind to our environment. Reusing and recycling are beneficial to us and our planet.

In our audiology clinic, we have been giving away and selling used products since we opened in 2012. We do what our clients would like us to do. For instance, when some of our clients get new hearing aid(s) and don’t need or want a backup aid, they ask us to give their aid to someone who is in need. Others may want to sell used hearing aids for a small amount too. Nothing wrong with that. In both cases, it helps others and that is our goal.

What we do first when we receive a used product:

  • We check serial numbers, confirming that they are registered with the manufacturer and check if they have any warranties remaining.
  • When we get a used product to sell, the first thing we do is clean it up.
  • If the product is under warranty we send it in for a good cleaning and make sure it is working properly and to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • We then plug the hearing aid into the software system to make sure it is working, and most importantly, sounds ok. Some used products will sound better than others. Obviously, this is a subjective perception of the listener. If I, Kim Fishman, am listening to the product I will have a more sophisticated and professional opinion than others who don’t listen to hearing aids all day. This is not because I am more sophisticated, it is just that I have listened to many hearing products and hearing aids over my 30 years as an audiologist.
  • From this point, we will help guide you, the seller, on the price that we believe the hearing aid or hearable will sell in the marketplace, just like any consignment store. Just like when I want to sell some of my more fashionable and expensive clothing that I no longer wear, I go to a consignment store. They tell me what the item is worth (if anything) and keep it in their store to sell.
  • In the case of the consignment clothing store, I have to go back there and see if my product sold and then collect the percentage they told me I would get. I can also use the sale in a store credit and buy more clothes.  Who wouldn’t want another cute sweater? We need a lot of those in Minnesota.  In the case of our store, we will notify you to the best of our ability if we sell your hearing aids. We will still empower you to check the status, which is easy because all you have to do is go online and see if your product is there.

Here is how selling with Hears Hearing & Hearables works:

  1. You must be a member of our store to sell consignment items. It is a benefit to our members. Membership is not expensive.
  2. If the product that you would like to sell is under $450, we collect $150 of the final sales price.  Of course, if you want to give the product away for free we will sell it for $150 to cover our costs.
  3. For products from $450- $3000, we collect 35% of the sale price.
  4. For products over $3000, we will collect 30% of the sale price.
  5. We also require $100 up front to cover the cost of checking, cleaning, analyzing, and posting the product listing for the hearing aids. Once the hearing aids are sold, the $100 will go towards the sold consignment fees.

At any time you can request your product back if it has not already sold. However, the $100 up-front fee is non-refundable if the product is not sold.

Another thing to consider is that Hears Hearing & Hearables charges shipping and handling that is not included in the sale price and the consumer pays those shipping costs separately. Customers are also aware that services are sold separately and are not included in the price of the consignment hearing aid or hearable product. We do this because we believe in transparency. Transparency includes knowing what costs are in the product versus what costs are in the service. Many stores bundle the cost of the shipping and services with the price of the product. Bundling is sometimes an easy way to get people to buy something, as “shipping” for instance is free. But it isn’t, it is in the cost of the product.

I hope you appreciate this service we offer and we are looking forward to working with you and helping others. We would love to help you sell your hearing aids or help you find a new pair of new or used hearing aids for your hearing loss needs.

Reach out via the contact form if you are interested.  We also will supply a form for you to sign once you become a member.

Thank you,


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