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Tinnitus Habituation

Tinnitus Habituation

Tinnitus Habituation

We will discuss the types of habituation therapies that are available and what we like to do in our clinic in Minnesota.

A bakery Example of Habituation, which we wish we didn’t have!

An easy example of habituation is when you first walk into a bakery you smell the delicious smells of baking. If you worked in the bakery or were there for a long time, you would no longer smell the bakery as you have habituated to the buttery deliciousness. In this case, it is not a bad response of smelling deliciousness as we would like to keep smelling. But you get the point.

Habituation for something we don’t want

Because we don’t like tinnitus and the constant ringing in our ears, we want the sound to go away. The more we want the sound to go away and that it doesn’t go away we have a response that is less than desirable. The response can increase our stress, cause anxiety, and distract us from the good things in life. Because of the constant ringing, if not mindful of the stressful emotional response, it can turn into other undesirable, unhealthy outcomes.

Habituation therapy for tinnitus is when we work on trying to “ignore” or like in the case of the bakery, not hear (smell) the ringing anymore after some time.

We want to learn how to live with tinnitus in a mindful manner. In this definition, we talk about habituation as a psychological response to something that causes emotion or disruption in a person’s behavior. We would like the emotional response to be of calming nature to not worry about what is being heard in the case of tinnitus.
Habituation in tinnitus is then the addition of some other “sound” that floods the response to ignore the undesirable sound of the tinnitus.

Here are some of the following “sounds” that can help habituate to the undesirable.

1. Noise maskers – these can be played through apps, the phone, and other such products that can play noise including a fan. Noise maskers can also be in hearing devices or blue tooth streamers.  They can also be on the level of modulated noise that sounds like ocean waves. Ocean waves in some devices can modulate faster or slower. Noise can be unfiltered and hence called white noise or of different filters such as pink, Brownian, blue, and so on. We notice that many people we have worked with chose the noise masker like the modulated “ocean” type noise.

2. Notch noise – is like the name implies, a notch in the noise centered around the area where the origin of tinnitus is being perceived. There is some evidence from Signia, a hearing aid manufacturer that this has been known to help tonal tinnitus.

3. Fractal tones – are non-harmonic tones that have been approved to help habituate tinnitus. They sound like chimes but have no musical value and are produced in a non-expected manner. The fractal tones are mostly inside the Widex brand hearing aid.

4. Environmental relaxing sounds – are also known to help people with tinnitus. This is a form of mindfulness and listening to the sounds around them instead of focusing on the tinnitus. Widex brand hearing aids now have relaxation tones with some mix of fractal tones.  A good option.

5. Hearing aids – also help many people who report having tinnitus. And with the hearing aid, there are different tinnitus features that can help as mentioned above. Like noise types, notch types, fractal tones and even streaming from apps’ environmental sounds.

6. Filtered music – is also been known to help tinnitus.  Right now we are looking for new technology here.

vibroacoustic therapy system
Sound Oasis

Sound Oasis Vibroacoustic Sleep Therapy System

Let's Dive into the Magic of awesome sleep with a Vibroacoustic system!

Imagine a world where the Sound Oasis Vibroacoustic Therapy System is your ticket to a dreamy adventure. It's like a secret code that unlocks your brain's hidden powers. Here's the scoop: This fantastic system doesn't just play any old sounds; it cranks out nature's symphonies, groovy tunes, and relaxing lullabies. But wait, there's more! It adds some brainwave wizardry, like Delta, Alpha, or Theta waves, to the mix. These waves are like the DJ of your brain, spinning tunes that make you chill out, snooze like a pro, or recharge like a superhero! And guess what? Scientists have given it the thumbs-up! Vibroacoustic Therapy isn't just fun to say; it's also backed by science to make you feel awesome. So, if you're looking for a snooze so good it'll make you feel like a champ, look no further than the Sound Oasis Vibroacoustic Therapy System. It's the sleep therapy superstar, brought to you by the sound sensation leaders themselves!

Let's Talk Vibroacoustic Therapy – The Body's Ultimate Chill Mode!

Imagine a spa day for your whole body without the fancy robes.  Vibroacoustic therapy is like a relaxing massage, but instead of hands, it uses gentle vibrations to pamper your cells. These vibrations are like little whispers that tell your cells, "Hey, it's time to relax and heal!" Now, here's where it gets even cooler. With the Sound Oasis® Vibroacoustic Therapy System, it doesn't stop at vibrations. Sound Oasis throw in some fantastic tunes to help with some brainwave magic!  This combo is like a one-two punch for stress-busting, relaxation, and healing. Your body dances to the rhythm, and you feel on top of the world! But that's not all, folks! Scientific smarty-pants from around the globe have studied this stuff, and guess what they found? Vibration can do wonders for your circulation, ease those pesky aches and pains, and even help you move more freely. It's like a superhero for your well-being! So, picture this: The Sound Oasis Vibroacoustic Therapy System is your personal masseuse and DJ, all in one. It gives your body the vibes it craves, making you feel like a million bucks! Clinically Proven, Doctor Developed Sounds and Vibrations – help you sleep, relax and renew your body – naturally! Vibroacoustic therapy systems, costing thousands of dollars, have been successfully used in hospitals and clinics around the world. Now you can enjoy the same therapeutic technology at a fraction of the price. Sound therapy provides soothing music with clinically proven brainwave entrainment for effective stress reduction, relaxation, and healing.
Members Pay: $570
Sound Oasis Vibroacoustic Sleep Therapy System
marsona dohm sound screen white noise sleep machine for babies and adults with tinnitus

Marsona Dohm-DS Sound Screen

  • Dual speed, electro-mechanical “white noise” generator
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Tone and volume control
  • Size: 5.75” diameter, 3.25” high
  • Color: Tan
  • One year warranty
Marsona Dohm-DS Sound Screen
Widex Moment Sheer Hearing Aids for hearing loss, tinnitus, hearing aids in HopkinsMinnesota

Widex Moment Sheer sRIC R D Hearing Aids

The newest hearing aid in the Widex lineup! The Widex Moment Sheer Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Built around the Widex Moment™ platform and the revolutionary PureSound™,  the Moment Sheer sRIC R D  hearing aid is suitable for minimal to profound hearing loss.
Starting at
Widex Moment Sheer sRIC R D Hearing Aids
world's smallest tinnitus sound machine by sound oasis
Sound Oasis

World’s Smallest Tinnitus Sound Machine

World’s Smallest Sleep Sound Machine

The World’s Smallest Sound Machine® will help you relax, fall asleep easier, get higher quality sleep, manage tinnitus, and even improve concentration during the day. Our unsurpassed collection of therapeutic sounds are selected to provide you with the best possible solution for your needs. Adding new sounds could not be easier thanks to the large collection available on our custom sound card creator. Choose from over 150 unique sounds!

Using soothing sounds to help you sleep is like a lullaby for your soul.

Imagine a world where the hustle and bustle of the day gently fade away, replaced by the calming whispers of nature, soft melodies, or even a tranquil rainfall. These sounds create a serene atmosphere that invites relaxation and tranquility. They act as a shield against the cacophony of thoughts and worries, guiding your mind into a peaceful state where dreams can flourish. Whether it's the gentle rustle of leaves, the gentle hum of ocean waves, or a melody that melts away stress, these bedtime harmonies can be your ticket to a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep. So, let the power of sound serenade you into dreamland, and wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

Sound Machine Includes Premium Headphones

The included premium earbuds have 3 different size adapters for the perfect fit. The tangle-resistant cord also ensures that they are ready to go whenever and wherever you are. The aluminum construction means that they are also tough enough to withstand being stored in a pocket, backpack, or purse. earphones for tinnitus sound machine

Long Battery Life – and Rechargeable

This tinnitus white noise machine has a built-in rechargeable battery which charges by included USB cable. It has 15 hours of run time per charge but it can also be played continuously by plugging in the USB cable so you can use it all night. The volume control allows you to set the output level just right and the built-in clip allows you to attach it to your pocket or clothes.

World’s Smallest Sleep Sound Machine with Deluxe Travel Case

Keep your S-002 Worlds Smallest Sound Machine® looking as good as new with the included travel case. The travel case not only keeps your device safe, it also provides a handy place to store your charger, earbuds, and extra earbud tips. world's smallest tinnitus sound machine in carrying case with earbuds, charger, and instruction manual

Ideal for Tinnitus or Noise Isolation

Manage tinnitus with this small and powerful white noise machine all day. Whether you need a quiet low-level sound to mask tinnitus or just sounds to help you concentrate, the world’s smallest white noise machine is for you. White noise is a natural, clinically proven sound that helps people sleep and concentrate better. Perfect for improving sleep, blocking noise, and managing tinnitus, dorms with 24 different doctor-developed sound tracks. Built-in 30, 60, 90 timer allows you to listen to your chosen sound while falling asleep, or turn the timer off for uninterrupted all night sounds.
Members Pay: $60
World’s Smallest Tinnitus Sound Machine
Sound Oasis BST-80 Tinnitus sound Masker
Sound Oasis

Bluetooth Tinnitus Sound Therapy System

Our newest Bluetooth Tinnitus sound machine gives you the best selection of sounds developed for Tinnitus relief plus the ability to customize the sound card to your preference or stream sounds over Bluetooth.

We’ve taken one of our most popular sleep sound devices and included 20 of our most effective Tinnitus management sounds. Innovations include:
  • World leading sound quality
    • Tinnitus sounds, sleep sounds and nature sounds now play through a high quality, compact speaker to immerse you in relaxing audio
  • Custom sound cards
    • Choose your ideal mix of up to 24 of Sound Oasis’ expertly crafted sleep and relaxation sounds – Download your choices to your own SD card or request a customized mix to be mailed to you. Click here to create your own custom sound card.
  • Compact and portable
    • We’ve given our most compact speaker a new selection of Tinnitus specific sounds
  • Battery and USB powered
    • Your new BST-80-20T white noise machine can be powered battery for up to 5 hours or by a standard USB adapter
Bluetooth Tinnitus Sound Therapy Product Info Sheet
Bluetooth Tinnitus Sound Therapy System
TSound Oasis Tinnitus therapy
Sound Oasis

Sound Oasis Tinnitus Sound Therapy System

The Sound Oasis system has a very high-quality sound and up to 24 different sleep and relaxation sounds.

You can download your choices to your own Security Digital (SD) card to get more or request a customized mix from a computer. It will help block out irritating noises and your tinnitus sounds and help you refocus outside your internal noise. It can create a soothing environment to help you fall asleep faster and get higher quality sleep. Then you can feel more alert with enhanced concentration during the day. The system itself has a backlit alarm clock with brightness control, a chime alarm, and a sleep timer with continuous play or auto-shutoff in 30, 60, or 90 minutes. It comes with an AC adapter but can also run on a standard USB source or batteries. A one-year warranty is also included.
Sound Oasis Tinnitus Sound Therapy System
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