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Natural Soy Candles – Hand Crafted

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Crafted with care and precision, YSV soy candles are more than just an ordinary source of light

A harmonious blend of craftsmanship, natural ingredients, and a commitment to enhancing the well-being of our customers. Illuminate your space, soothe your senses, and let the flickering flame guide you to moments of serenity.

Even more special is the personal touch involved in their creation.

Each candle has been lovingly handcrafted, and what’s more, they have been created by one of our patients. This adds an extra layer of meaning to these candles, as they are not just products; they represent a journey of resilience and creativity.


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Weight 10 oz

Beach Vibes, Black Cherry Merlot, Calla Lily, Citrus Burst, eucalyptus mint, Island Escape, Lavander, Seaside Linen, Strawberry Guava, Unscented


Natural Soy Candles – Handcrafted from one of ours!

What sets these soy candles apart is not only their delightful fragrances but also their unique ability to help people achieve a zen state.

We recognize the challenges that some individuals face, such as tinnitus, and these candles aim to be a source of comfort.

The gentle glow and soothing scents can provide a serene environment, allowing you to momentarily escape the stresses of the outside world and find solace within the walls of your home.

5.2 oz candle in a beautiful brown glass jar

We love the smell of essential oils that can soothe your environment and keep you relaxed, and mindful of your wellness.

Very competitive priced oils here and we support a local company in Minneapolis.

I wonder if one of the oil smells is best for reducing the bothersomeness of your Tinnitus?  Share with us!

Tinnitus Products Can Help You In Different Ways:

Relaxation, Habituation, Re-training

We can help you figure out what you need.

Read about theories on tinnitus on our blog!
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