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Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep Advanced Sleep Therapy Mask

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Do you have an overactive mind at bed time?

Sound Oasis Advanced® Glo to Sleep therapy mask will help you focus your mind on the process of relaxation and sleep – naturally and effectively. Whether it’s for a full night’s sleep or just for a nap, our unique, patent pending technology will help you fall asleep quickly, sleep deeper, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling rested. On the plane or the train, at home or in a hotel room – we wish you a great sleep.

Two lighting color choices allow you to choose your personal preference

New to the Glo to Sleep Advanced is the choice of red or blue lights to help you get to sleep. Choose the color that you find most relaxing and combine it with the soothing Sleep Enhance technology to experience a new way to relax. Fully customize your sleep mask for a tailored relaxation by setting the color, timer, sleep enhancement and overall brightness.



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Weight 24 oz


Product Description

Fall Asleep Faster with Glo to Sleep ADVANCED Sleep Therapy Mask

Advanced Sleep Therapy Mask

The Glo to sleep Advanced® is an effective, safe and natural way to help you get the sleep your body needs. By looking at the dimming Points of Glo and breathing in a relaxed manner, your mind will let go of the thoughts and worries that can keep you awake. Your GTS-2000SE can help you get better sleep in a number of ways:

1. The dimming light is pleasant to look at and distracts your brain from thoughts keeping you awake.

2. The dimming and slowing pulsating light option (the Sleep Enhancement® mode) lulls you to sleep.

3. The mask blocks out external light that can keep you awake or wake you too early in the morning. Sleep doctors regularly recommend the use of sleep masks to control your light environment.

4. The Glo to sleep therapy mask is perfect for getting quality sleep on airplanes, trains or buses where a variety of sleep distracting light is common.

5. The GTS-2000SE is ideal for shift workers that need to sleep during daylight.


New functionality to help you get to sleep more quickly!
  • Choose between red light or blue light
  • Enable our patented Sleep Enhance technology to experience a gradually slowing pulsation of the mask’s lights to guide you into a more relaxed state
  • Without Sleep Enhance, lights slowly dim over time to gently convince your eyes to close and enter sleep
  • Brightness is adjustable in all modes
  • Set the timer to choose the length of the sleep program with 3 auto dim options:
    • Ramp down in 10 minutes
    • Ramp down in 20 minutes
    • Ramp down in 30 minutes

Free Glo to Sleep “Sleep Coaching” Track

For extra help falling asleep, Sound Oasis has partnered with the renowned Lee Tiller to bring you a free “sleep coaching” audio track that you can listen to while wearing your Glo to Sleep. This audio track (about 25 minutes long) has been created to work exclusively with Glo to Sleep. Containing nature sounds, music and Lee Tiller’s chocolatey relaxing voice, this audio track helps guide you into a deeply relaxed state of mind and body using guided induction and “descending numbers” technique. It also encourages you to develop and practice ratio breathing, a technique that helps to engage the mind and calm speci?c physiological processes. By following Lee Tiller’s spoken instructions, you can learn to suspend (or stop) thinking of daily worries at bedtime and let your brainwaves naturally slow from Beta to Alpha states as you drift off to sleep. The free audio track can be downloaded from the Sound Oasis website as follows: www.soundoasis.com/gts-free-download-sound Please use the coupon code found included with the sleep mask to obtain the free audio download.

Weight and Dimensions

  • Product dimension : 11″ x 3.5″ x .75″
  • Product weight : 0.25 lbs lbs
  • Package dimensions : 11.25″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″
  • Package weight : 0.4 lbs lbs

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