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Siemens Signia TV Transmitter

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The Siemens Signia TV Transmitter connects hearing aids without Bluetooth functionality to TV’s via the easyTek.

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Weight 24 oz



The Siemens Signia TV Transmitter streams audio via Bluetooth from your TV to the easyTek. The easyTek then streams it wirelessly into your hearing aids. The easyTek is required for the TV Transmitter to operate with your Siemens hearing aids.

The TV Transmitter is compatible with select Siemens hearing aid models only, please call to check your hearing aids compatibility.


easyTek app Compatability 

  • Ace PX (Android)
  • Pure 13 BT PX (Android)
  • Cellion PX
  • Carat PX
  • Motion PX

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Are you having trouble hearing on TV or computer Zoom calls?

We have TV computer audio help and streamers to use with your hearing aid.

We carry multiple brands. Call if you are not sure which one will work with your TV or hearing aid.


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