This is a really good mask to use with a loop that does not go behind the ears. Helps those with hearing loss who need to see lips to understand speech. Although masks are not ideal, this one is better.

If you want a mask to accommodate glasses try this one.

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See me reusable transparent face mask with adjustable strap

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Reusable, affordable, and recyclable transparent face mask

Made of PET plastic; this makes it extremely durable, clear, and recyclable

Can withstand the rigors of disinfectant wipes and solutions without affecting the clarity
It is even dishwasher safe

The foam is easy to clean with plain soap and water, so it can be worn over and over

Comfortable – which means you can wear it for as long as your patient needs you to

Breathable – designed for maximum breathability

Fog resistant – fogging can be completely eliminated by wiping with common dish soap and water

Easy to adjust – fits any size face/head


Hearing aid friendly – the straps can be worn away from the ear

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
We carry masks with a clear face shield. See people's mouths if you need to read lips and look for visual cues.

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