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Etymotic Music Pro Hearing Protection

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Adaptive noise-reduction earplugs automatically adjust to changing sound levels

The ultimate in hearing protection. Designed for musicians who want to hear naturally, need protection when hearing is at risk, and want to avoid the inconvenience of removing earplugs to hear.

Ideal for:

• Directors and music educators
• Performers
• Front-of-house crews
• Entertainment industry support staff
• Security personnel

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Weight 32 oz


• Audiences

Adaptive Noise Reduction: Music•PRO circuitry automatically changes output levels as sound input levels change. Hearing is natural, as if nothing is in the ears, until sound exceeds safe levels. As sound levels increase, earplugs gradually provide 9- or 15-dB sound reduction. Natural hearing is restored when sound returns to safe levels.


• Provides either 9-dB or 15-dB protection at the flip of a switch
• Clear communication
• Instantaneously protects from loud, percussive sounds (e.g., cymbal strike)
• Enhances soft sounds if desired
• Ready-fit eartips; custom molds are not required

If you are a musician and need to protect your hearing, check out what we have for hearing protection or listening devices. We are here to help you and make sure you don't miss a beat!

Most hearing loss is sensori-neural and can be prevented by just protecting your hearing when in noise.

We carry lots of styles and brands. Find the best for you and your environments and budget.

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