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Digital Sound Noise Level Meter

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Digital sound level meter used to determine the noise level at a specific point in time in environments such as schools, hotels, malls, theaters, offices, worksites, and so many more environments that are loud!

• Portable, lightweight and easy to use
• Digital LCD with 4 digit display
• Auto shut-off & low battery indicator
• Two equivalent weighted sound pressure levels, A and C
• 5 Sound Level Ranges: 40-70dB, 60-90dB, 80-110dB, 100-130dB, 40-130dB
• Frequency Range: 31.5-8.5 KHz
• 0.5 inch condenser microphone
• Designed according to the IEC 651 Type 2 & ANSI S1.4 Type 2 Set standard

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Weight 32 oz
Sound level meters are important so you don't end up in loud noise for too lomg. Remember anything more than 85 dB for more than 8 hours is damaging and those are conservative times.

Most hearing loss is sensori-neural and can be prevented by just protecting your hearing when in noise.

We carry lots of styles and brands. Find the best for you and your environments and budget.

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