Our gold micro plated Deafmetal double safety ring was designed with fashion and function in mind as it helps to keep hearing device on ear and also provides unique fashion!

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Deafmetal Double Safety Ring Jewelry for Hearing Aids

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The Deafmetal Double Safety Ring with micro-plated gold was made to provide style and retention for wearers of hearing aids or cochlear implants. It loops through the silicone holster and then attaches to the ear with a double ring. This Deafmetal Double Safety Ring was specifically designed to keep hearing aids from falling off the ear. Keep hearing aids secure with this brilliantly designed hearing aid / CI retention jewelry.

The patented Deafmetal® holster is sold separately. A holster will need to be purchased along with the safety ring in order to wear. You can buy a hoslter here!

Each Deafmetal® jewelry is sold in one piece as some individuals only wear one hearing device.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz

Gold, Silver

We are honored to carry the DEAFMETAL® Jewelry for your hearing aids!

An award-winning new jewelry innovation designed for hearing aid users.

DEAFMETAL® transforms hearing aids into personalized, unique, and stylish jewelry that can be worn for all occasions.


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