Platinum plated and nickel-free edgy DEAFMETAL® earring with pure silver pin attached with a double silver chain.

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Deafmetal Silver Half Hoop Jewelry for Hearing Aids

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The Deafmetal Silver Half Hoop is platinum plated and nickel-free. An edgy look with a pure silver pin attached with a double silver chain. This statement earring is sure to be a staple in your wardrobe.

The patented Deafmetal® Holster (which is the silicone piece that stretches to attach to the back of the hearing aid/cochlear implant processor) is not included in the price. Please remember to order holsters separately. From our website, there are a variety of color choices for the holster itself. Check the holsters out here!

All Deafmetal® jewelry is sold as a single price. As there are many people who only use one hearing aid/cochlear implant, the jewlery is not sold in pairs.

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Weight 10 oz

We are honored to carry the DEAFMETAL® Jewelry for your hearing aids!

An award-winning new jewelry innovation designed for hearing aid users.

DEAFMETAL® transforms hearing aids into personalized, unique, and stylish jewelry that can be worn for all occasions.


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