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People want affordable hearing care and products.  Could an easy Membership-based “warehouse” online store be a solution?

I ask myself this question daily.

I know that people want lower-cost hearing devices.

Recently hearing loss has gotten more attention. People are aware, now more than ever, that hearing loss matters and that it is a good idea to treat even a mild hearing loss.

People have shared with the politicians that they want hearing health care to be affordable.  Instead of changing the insurance policies to cover hearing aids, the politicians have approved the over-the-counter hearing aid.   The Food and Drug Administration will pass a safe category for this new device and new hearing aid products will be developed soon.  The category has not been developed yet.  Stay tuned.  When it does, we can help people navigate the over-the-counter hearing aid.  Hearing care providers will help provide services to clean them and help people set them up and use the app.

Our website will support the Over-the-counter Hearing aid! 

People also want good quality, great sound, and for the hearing device to be comfortable and yes, affordable.  Then people want the device not show or for them not to look old, and yes, affordable.  Our store can do it all.

Our website will support lower-cost Hearing aids and accessories!

First, let’s address the cost.  To affect the cost, more devices need to be sold.  The vendors will provide lower cost of merchandise if there are bigger orders to that vendor.   For instance, the Costcos of this world place such bulk orders that they can even have the aid have their name brand.  How many widgets do you have to sell to have your own name on it?  For a small business that is truly impossible.  Hears Hearing & Hearables has the potential to have many members and with those members, we can try and negotiate better pricing with the vendors.  Membership drives the cost of the goods.

Our concept of the membership store will support the lower costs, especially with more members!

Now let’s talk about easy access.  It is an online store.  It probably couldn’t be easier because you just need to log in with your membership to access rewards and products.  If you are not a member you can still shop the store.  Easy access.

Hence our online membership website has easy access for people who need products!

We will have service referrals to a neighborhood near you in our online hearable store.   The hearing professional will provide great service at the cost they deem fair and reasonable.  Again, we are still providing products that are affordable and meet the consumer’s needs.

The membership-based Hearable website will have tools, blogs, and videos to support the product.  Assistance is always available even if you can’t get to a provider.

Membership Online access for hearing health care!  Multi brands and choices for different needs!

We are hopeful that with more members we can get more devices at even better costs.   Our hearable store is being run by people in the field, by hearing care professionals, and members, and not by venture capitalists.  With all our best interests in mind, there will be transparency and fairness.  The hearable website store carries lots of choices and not just one brand.  We all benefit and help those who need some hearing and ear care.

Please join today and get some batteries on us! 

Mention this blog for the free batteries when you join.

Happy Hearing.  Kim

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