Why we are trying to change from a membership to a CO-OP

Service is still Important

Why are we trying to start a CO-OP now?

Think of us as a warehouse membership, but a little different. Warehouse prices are lower because of the volume they purchase. The same is true here. If you purchase online, there is no brick-and-mortar store so the prices are lower. With a large membership, we can drive the prices down, but some of our members will also be hearing professionals. That means you will be able to get the in-person customer service you need to be happy with your purchase and hearing as well as possible. That also means our members will have a network of providers at their disposal. No need to worry if something happens while you are on vacation. So we will be able to negotiate a good price, providers across the country will be able to help you, so their community benefits, all while giving to charities in all of these communities. It really is a case of everyone wins. Everyone that is a member, that is.

Read our Hears to U blog sharing how we got here.

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