The Hope Collection

DEAFMETAL® is an award-winning new jewelry innovation designed for hearing aid users. DEAFMETAL® transforms hearing aids into personalized, unique, and stylish jewelry that can be worn for all occasions. We designed The Hope Collectionexclusively for this site with the hope that it empowers those with hearing loss. Our goal is to allow those with hearing loss to embrace their hearing loss. We want those who wear hearing aids and cochlear implants to individualize and express themselves through the individual DEAFMETAL® pieces they choose to wear. We chose trends that fit all different styles and personalities. Through The Hope Collection, there is a DEAFMETAL® for you to feel unique and empowered and beautiful. Hearing should be celebrated! We enable those with hearing loss to express their individuality through these very unique DEAFMETAL® pieces, and more specifically, through The Hope Collection.

Jen Aslin, AuD., Audiologist and DEAFMETAL® USA partner
Jenni Ahtiainen, DEAFMETAL® Creator/Designer
Jenni Ahtiainen, DEAFMETAL® Creator/Designer

Here is what Jen told me, Kim. “Jenni Ahtiainen and I met last August via Skype (Jenni lives in Finland and Jen lives in the USA) as I was looking for a marketing audiology job and honestly fell in love with the product and with Jenni. Jenni is a very dynamic person and she is very talented and also passionate about DEAFMETAL and the way it has been received by people with hearing loss. She shared with me via several Skype calls about how she has received correspondence from people all over the world saying thank you for creating this product for them.
As an audiologist myself, I have not seen anything like it before and after a few months of a lot of thought and planning, we decided to launch a collection “The Hope Collection” to US customers and we launched the website in February. I know it will take time for Deafmetal to filter into the hard of hearing community so with every exposure, it helps spread the word. Dr. Cliff, Jenni, and I had a video call and we chatted and he decided to do these videos. We have had some journalists reach out to us and have had some media attention so that helps too! And then it has taken me reaching out to a lot of audiologists to help bring Deafmetal to those who would be wearing it! “

Deafmetal Pure SImple Safety Ring to wear with Deafmetal holster

Deafmetal Pearl Safety Ring

Deafmetal Double Safety Ring hearing aid retention jewlery to wear with deafemetal holster

Deafmetal Double Safety Ring

Deafmetal simply safety ring for hearing aid and cochlear implant users. Must be used with a deafmetal holster

Deafmetal Simple Safety Ring

Deafmetal Butterflies hearing aid and cochclear implant retention jewlery to be used with Deafetal holster

Deafmetal Butterflies

Deafmetal Bling Bliss hearing aid and cochlear implant retention jewlery to be worn with Deafmetal holster

Deafmetal Bling Bliss

Deafmetal Riley stars hearing aid and cochlear implant retention jewlery to be used with Deafmetal holster.

Deafmetal Riley Stars

Deafmetal SIlver Half Hoop hearing aid and cochlear implant jewlery to be used with Deafmetal Holster

Deafmetal Silver Half Hoop

Golden Heart

Deafmetal Golden Heart

Deafmetal Holsters used for all Deafmetal jewlery. Made of strethy silicone to fit on to any style hearing aid.

Deafmetal Holster

Starting at

Deafmetal Butterfly in Love

Pink Flower

Deafmetal Pink Flower Coil

New! Self-Fit OTC hearing Aids.