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The Importance of Protecting Your Hearing: Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention

March 19, 2023

It is important to protect your hearing from noise.

This is like sunblock for your ears. If you are in noise louder than 85 dB for long periods of time you will want to consider your hearing. Even if you have hearing loss already you still want to protect your hearing. In fact, if you have hearing loss it is more important to protect yourself as your hair cells are more susceptible to noise damage. Fast sharp loud sounds are even more dangerous for your hearing as the tiny muscles in your middle ear can-not protect fast enough.

Noise damage can affect your high-frequency hearing. If you have noise damage in your hearing you will notice that speech is not as clear. You may hear but you won’t understand or sounds won’t be “distinguished.”

Noise molds can be custom-made for your ear shape. They can be in different colors too. Do yourself a favor and protect your hearing!

Are you a hunter or like to shoot for sport?

Shooters’ ears or hunters’ ears, hence active type electronics can be custom-made or non-custom-made in-the-ear style hearing aids that have a fast attack time. While they amplify soft sounds they also protect with a fast loud sound appears. These are mostly mild gain-type aids and are not good for people with more significant hearing loss.

Another type of hearing protection for hunters is a more passive type of protection that offer different levels of noise reduction.

Ask our Team for help as we have lots of options and solutions for our hunters.

Musicians are at risk for hearing loss.

Not only is the music loud while performing but the musician is also standing close to all the other loud instruments. Musicians need to protect their hearing. How can they do that while still trying to hear the music?

Musician molds with filters are a great option as these attenuate the decibel level while maintaining a clear and smooth response to the music being played. These molds can be either custom-made to fit nicely in the musician’s ear or non-custom made. There are no frequencies that are blocked more than any other frequency. The attenuation can come in different noise reduction attenuation strengths from mild to less mild decrease.

Our shop has great options for non-custom-made hearing protection for musicians that are very affordable.

Consult with our team about what option might be best to protect your hearing.

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Custom hearing protection in Minnesota

Custom Hearing Protection: Is it Worth it?

March 19, 2023

Unfortunately, hearing, a very delicate sense, constantly undergoes loud noise exposure.

Whether you are attending a large concert, hunting deer, playing an instrument, or even attending fireworks displays—hearing is at risk. Because our inner ear is extremely sensitive, the addition of constant large sounds and vibrations can create irreparable damage. However, using custom hearing protection molds and thereby blocking excess noise, allows you to maintain your hearing, or at least prevent and or protect against further damage to this delicate internal equipment.

What is a Custom Hearing Protection Mold

Protection hearing molds are small custom-made molds of your ear. These molds fit perfectly into your ear canal. They help block noise that will affect your inner hair cells and ultimately your hearing abilities. These are different from ear plugs for a few reasons.  First of all, as the name says, these molds are custom fit using an impression of your ear. Also, they protect your ears better or with more block than the non-custom type if everything is lined up right.  Lastly, they improve the fidelity of the sound if you are listening to music. Musician molds offer responses so the frequency intergradation is saved.  When using an ear mold, you are ensuring your inner ear is safe from potentially harmful vibrations while still being able to hear relatively well. Typically, these molds are made from silicone or other malleable materials to enable a perfect design and fit.

Who Needs Custom Molds?

It would be wonderful if every person were able to have and use their own personal custom hearing protection molds. However, there are certain people who need these custom-fit apparatuses more than others. These people come into contact with loud noises on a regular basis, almost daily, and would therefore almost certainly lose their hearing without the use of noise molds. Some occupations that require noise protection are dentists, musicians, construction workers, and mechanics, to name a few. These occupations, specifically, closely interact with loud pieces of equipment that, when combined with constant vibration, have demonstrated the potential to cause permanent hearing damage.

Other people who would benefit from the use of custom hearing protection molds include hunters, regular concert goers, arena attendees, and those dealing with firework displays on a regular basis. As with the occupations mentioned above, these individuals are subjected to situations in which their ears are exposed to loud booming noises that could have an extreme adverse effect on their hearing if exposed continuously without protection.


The benefit of custom hearing protection molds is that they are quite small and mostly unnoticeable. Additionally, as they are custom-made, they fit your ear canal perfectly, to allow maximum comfort and protection.  As mentioned earlier you can get filters for musician noise protection of different attenuations.  For instance, they have an attenuation of 9, 15, and 25 dB.  Finally, because of the materials used to make these pieces of equipment, they are easy to clean and keep clean.

If you are in need of custom hearing protection, it is essential that you find a reputable audiologist for providing exceptional care.

Your audiologist should be capable of assisting in creating your mold to ensure you achieve the best fit. Kim Fishman at Hears to U Audiology in Minnesota is the perfect audiologist to meet all of your needs.  She has almost 30 years of taking deep impressions of the ear canals with the right material.  She and her staff are attentive, caring, and willing to help. Contact them todaYour audiologist should be capable of assisting in creating your mold to ensure you achieve the best fit.

Hearing protection is important to protect from hearing loss

Protecting Your Hearing and Ears From The Noise Of The World Around You

March 18, 2023

The average person may only come into contact with extremely loud noises on occasions. Such as a concert, listening to live music, an air or car show, or a day at a carnival.   Typically, the noises you deal with on a daily basis are not going to damage your hearing. However, if you are in a line of work in which you are constantly surrounded by loud noise, you may find yourself with hearing loss before retirement – unless you are protecting your hearing. Musicians, construction workers, hunters, machinists, pilots, airline workers, and any number of other professions are surrounded by loud noises daily. While these people cannot completely cover their ears, since they need to be aware of their surroundings and communicate easily. They can use hearing protection to reduce the risk of serious damage to their hearing.


The reason certain professions may cause a problem for your hearing relates to the number of decibels an ear can handle for an extended period of time. Average daily activities typically are around 60 decibels or less. The hearing mechanism can handle 85 decibels before it starts to have a problem. However, the problem not only relates to how loud the decibels are but also how often and long you are exposed to this level of noise. For instance, a person mowing their lawn once a month for 10 minutes would likely not have to wear any protective gear. Although it would be helpful to protect from the stress of noise. However, a landscaper, who is surrounded by the sounds of a lawnmower multiple times a day at 90 decibels, would require protective gear for his hearing.

In general, children have more sensitive hearing than adults. Therefore, when they are exposed to things such as an air show, a parade, a loud concert, or even fireworks, they are likely to be affected even more by the loud noises and require protection for their ears.


Many of us have seen and maybe even purchased noise-canceling headphones to wear to events or work. However, there are other options available that are custom-made and are less clunky, and provide easier movement overall.   These products can be made to fit your ear’s unique shape for a snug fit and easy mobility.   One style of mold is the musician molds that have filters. It can make it easier for individuals who work in a field where they need to speak with others and hear themselves, while still protecting their ears from the louder noises.  Another type of mold is a ‘hunters mold’.  This type of protection has an amplifier, amplifying soft sounds, but protects at the same time while plugging your ears and amplifying only when there is no loud noise.  It isn’t perfect and is mostly for normal hearing individuals as the amplifier is not powerful.  It does has a fast attack time so that it doesn’t amplify gunfire which is great for police officers and hunters who use a gun.

For those that require the actual physical protection of their ears, however, harder noise-canceling and/ or attention headphones may be the best option to protect. They may create a difficult time in communication,  but they will be protecting your hearing and your entire hearing mechanism.

To learn more about your options for protection for work or play, contact the experts at Hears to U and Hears Hearing & Hearables.

Protect your hearing so you can hear holiday sleigh bells jingling

Tis the Season… For Ear Plugs

March 18, 2023

The holiday season is wonderful! The sights, the smells, the
sounds… they turn your day joyful immediately. 

As with all good things, however, moderation is key. Your body’s functioning requires moderation.
Unfortunately, this can be in short supply over the holiday season. This only leads to a longer recovery period once the New Year begins, and the sights,
sounds, and smells all fall from the open space and back into storage for another year. However, we are not here to discuss diets or decorations. We are
here to discuss HEARING protection, specifically ear plugs, for this time of year.

Face The Reality

Take a look at the reality of the situation. This is likely the busiest time of year for most people and businesses. People run from event
to event and often make a spontaneous stop here or there. The noise of the crowds of people shopping and celebrating can be quite loud. Unlike planned events like concerts and sports events where people think of ear protection, the holidays don’t come to mind as being noisy. During the holidays, people
will run around in a frenzy and not think about anything related to their wellbeing– particularly not their hearing health.

How do I know this? Well, I am one of those people. This past weekend, we ran from holiday shopping to a “Santa filled event” to more shopping. After that, instead of relaxing, we went to see family and friends for dinner and out to a restaurant. In between all of the running around, I made sure my child was cared for, of course, but I never stopped to care for myself. By the time I stopped moving, my ears were ringing so loudly, I am surprised my family could not hear the ring.

The Results

This phenomenon is more common than one might believe. I thought I was done experiencing damage to my hearing. There was a time when I would purposely stand next to the speaker at a concert just to hear the band better (or so I thought). Gone are those DJing days, when I was the cause of the loud music and ringing ears. But, these days, I’m not a concertgoer or DJ. I am just a mom now. What harm could I possibly be doing to my hearing?

Every holiday event we go to, every school concert, every sporting event, every caroler on the street… all add up to cause the unstoppable ringing in my ears.

We may not think these events could possibly be that loud. But keep in mind that these events are occurring for hundreds – if not thousands – of people. The sounds of the event need to be heard over the roar of the deafening crowd. When you think about it that way, of course damage
is being done to my ears.

As a person, and more importantly, as a parent, I am learning new things each and every day. I am learning about simple things. For example, when your two-year-old wants mac and cheese for dinner, broccoli will not be a suitable substitute. I’m learning more about the complex parts of
parenthood as well, such as there is such a thing as too many ear infections and that something needs to be done when that occurs. I am also
learning that I am not 20 years old anymore.

My body, especially my ears, has taken all of the abuse it can handle. It is not hard to pack some earplugs in your purse, car, or pocket
for the “just in case” situation. We, moms, pack everything else… I even carry five different kinds of snacks in my purse just to take my little ones in the car. I am sure there is enough room for one more tiny yet essential item. If we keep neglecting our ears, we will have difficulty hearing our children’s or grandchildren’s laughter. That is not a sacrifice I am willing to make.

To learn more about earplugs and hearing protection and getting properly fitted, make an appointment with the experts at Kim Fishman, Audiology, Hears to U in Hopkins Minnesota 

by A guest blogger.  🙂 

Hearing Loss

Proactive Ways to Protect Your Hearing

March 18, 2023

Your hearing is precious, take care of it and protect your hearing

Caring for it is important, even when young, so it doesn’t catch up with you when you’re older. Parents,
grandparents, teachers… they all tell you to do this or do that and you may not want to listen, but with your hearing on the line, it is important you do. You might get older and wish you had.

But what can you do to prevent hearing loss in later years? There are several things you can do to protect your hearing, so let’s look at them now.

 Wear A Helmet

Getting a good knock on the head when playing sports can affect your hearing, whether right away or later down the line. Tinnitus, or ringing in the years, can happen immediately and fade away. However, this doesn’t mean damage wasn’t done. You might think wearing a helmet makes you look silly but having to ask people what they said over and over again as you get older will make you look even sillier.

Protect Your Hearing with Ear Protection

Ear protection is recommended in a variety of situations. Most gun ranges will require you to wear ear protection when using a firearm. Workers who operate heavy machinery should always use ear protection. When at home and using power tools, ear protection can help to minimize the damage done to your hearing. You wouldn’t think it, but even the use of a lawn mower regularly can cause hearing loss.

 Turn Down The Volume

This is the one that bears repeating. You probably have heard it dozens of times, or even hundreds if you don’t want to listen, but loud music damages your hearing. If you like wearing headphones turned up loud when you are young you will probably have to wear a hearing aid turned up loud
when you are older. Who wants that, right? Turn down the music and your ears will thank you.

There are many things you can do proactively to care for your hearing. While some hearing loss may not be avoidable, you can still protect your hearing when younger to minimize any damage. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun but be smart about it. Wear a helmet, wear ear protection, and
don’t turn up the music too loud. If you think you may have already damaged your hearing, or you want to make sure you haven’t, give Kim Fishman, Audiology a call and we can arrange a hearing test. Plus, we can give you tips on how to further care for your hearing; keeping your conversations clear and music crisp for a long time.

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