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Tis the Season… For Ear Plugs

Protect your hearing so you can hear holiday sleigh bells jingling

The holiday season is wonderful! The sights, the smells, the
sounds… they turn your day joyful immediately. 

As with all good things, however, moderation is key. Your body’s functioning requires moderation.
Unfortunately, this can be in short supply over the holiday season. This only leads to a longer recovery period once the New Year begins, and the sights,
sounds, and smells all fall from the open space and back into storage for another year. However, we are not here to discuss diets or decorations. We are
here to discuss HEARING protection, specifically ear plugs, for this time of year.

Face The Reality

Take a look at the reality of the situation. This is likely the busiest time of year for most people and businesses. People run from event
to event and often make a spontaneous stop here or there. The noise of the crowds of people shopping and celebrating can be quite loud. Unlike planned events like concerts and sports events where people think of ear protection, the holidays don’t come to mind as being noisy. During the holidays, people
will run around in a frenzy and not think about anything related to their wellbeing– particularly not their hearing health.

How do I know this? Well, I am one of those people. This past weekend, we ran from holiday shopping to a “Santa filled event” to more shopping. After that, instead of relaxing, we went to see family and friends for dinner and out to a restaurant. In between all of the running around, I made sure my child was cared for, of course, but I never stopped to care for myself. By the time I stopped moving, my ears were ringing so loudly, I am surprised my family could not hear the ring.

The Results

This phenomenon is more common than one might believe. I thought I was done experiencing damage to my hearing. There was a time when I would purposely stand next to the speaker at a concert just to hear the band better (or so I thought). Gone are those DJing days, when I was the cause of the loud music and ringing ears. But, these days, I’m not a concertgoer or DJ. I am just a mom now. What harm could I possibly be doing to my hearing?

Every holiday event we go to, every school concert, every sporting event, every caroler on the street… all add up to cause the unstoppable ringing in my ears.

We may not think these events could possibly be that loud. But keep in mind that these events are occurring for hundreds – if not thousands – of people. The sounds of the event need to be heard over the roar of the deafening crowd. When you think about it that way, of course damage
is being done to my ears.

As a person, and more importantly, as a parent, I am learning new things each and every day. I am learning about simple things. For example, when your two-year-old wants mac and cheese for dinner, broccoli will not be a suitable substitute. I’m learning more about the complex parts of
parenthood as well, such as there is such a thing as too many ear infections and that something needs to be done when that occurs. I am also
learning that I am not 20 years old anymore.

My body, especially my ears, has taken all of the abuse it can handle. It is not hard to pack some earplugs in your purse, car, or pocket
for the “just in case” situation. We, moms, pack everything else… I even carry five different kinds of snacks in my purse just to take my little ones in the car. I am sure there is enough room for one more tiny yet essential item. If we keep neglecting our ears, we will have difficulty hearing our children’s or grandchildren’s laughter. That is not a sacrifice I am willing to make.

To learn more about earplugs and hearing protection and getting properly fitted, make an appointment with the experts at Kim Fishman, Audiology, Hears to U in Hopkins Minnesota 

by A guest blogger.  🙂 

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