The Importance of Protecting Your Hearing: Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention

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It is important to protect your hearing from noise.

This is like sunblock for your ears. If you are in noise louder than 85 dB for long periods of time you will want to consider your hearing. Even if you have hearing loss already you still want to protect your hearing. In fact, if you have hearing loss it is more important to protect yourself as your hair cells are more susceptible to noise damage. Fast sharp loud sounds are even more dangerous for your hearing as the tiny muscles in your middle ear can-not protect fast enough.

Noise damage can affect your high-frequency hearing. If you have noise damage in your hearing you will notice that speech is not as clear. You may hear but you won’t understand or sounds won’t be “distinguished.”

Noise molds can be custom-made for your ear shape. They can be in different colors too. Do yourself a favor and protect your hearing!

Are you a hunter or like to shoot for sport?

Shooters’ ears or hunters’ ears, hence active type electronics can be custom-made or non-custom-made in-the-ear style hearing aids that have a fast attack time. While they amplify soft sounds they also protect with a fast loud sound appears. These are mostly mild gain-type aids and are not good for people with more significant hearing loss.

Another type of hearing protection for hunters is a more passive type of protection that offer different levels of noise reduction.

Ask our Team for help as we have lots of options and solutions for our hunters.

Musicians are at risk for hearing loss.

Not only is the music loud while performing but the musician is also standing close to all the other loud instruments. Musicians need to protect their hearing. How can they do that while still trying to hear the music?

Musician molds with filters are a great option as these attenuate the decibel level while maintaining a clear and smooth response to the music being played. These molds can be either custom-made to fit nicely in the musician’s ear or non-custom made. There are no frequencies that are blocked more than any other frequency. The attenuation can come in different noise reduction attenuation strengths from mild to less mild decrease.

Our shop has great options for non-custom-made hearing protection for musicians that are very affordable.

Consult with our team about what option might be best to protect your hearing.

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