Scammers Beware We Protect Ourselves and our Customers and our Peers

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Scammers Beware We Protect Ourselves and our Customers and our Peers

Already in one year of doing business with customers and fake customers, we have had a few scams but to no avail for the scammers. We understand the federal government is going to help businesses and people protect themselves from phishing, hackers, and just plain out people trying to steal from you.

I ask myself this often. Why are people so evil as to steal from the hard-working? Why not leave a better legacy and work hard yourself instead of stealing and scamming others? I would not be able to live with myself. If you feel stuck and want to scam, stop and think what better you can do for others than steal?

Let me tell you about a few scams we have had for hearing health care products.

There was a man who wanted a hearing aid and wanted to buy it from us and not in his country. He wanted us to ship the aid and then pay us once he got it. Once we had a group that wanted 20 TV Streamers and wanted us to invoice them. They disappeared when we asked more questions. There have been a few credit card fraud issues. The person that owned the credit card called within the day and we were able to refund her and stop the order from going out. We will pay more attention to those types. We should have seen that because the person on the credit card was totally different, with a different name, and a different address of where the product was going.

Our store also has suspect card protection. Our system will fail their sale. For those of you shopping and getting a failed sale and you are legit, just try with a different credit card or send us a contact and we will help figure it out.

We protect you and us by keeping the serial number of your product. We were registering them in your name but we are understaffed for doing that anymore. We do, however, keep the serial number of your product and if you report that the product doesn’t work, we can pull the date sold and let you know if you are under warranty. That being said, don’t send us back a product you got from somewhere else and ask for a refund. We were not born yesterday. 🙂

It saddens me that so many people are trying to get something for free. People, if we are always trying to get something for free, then why not be in a socialized country? Work hard for your belongings and pay for products and especially service.

We have been a little loose on giving free hearing care service. 

When I say free “service”, I don’t mean true customer service, that is free. I mean audiological or professional hearing care provider service. We will write more about this later. We like people and we like to help them, but to stay in business, we must charge for our extra time. And we need to respect our peers who also can not work for free. Hears Hearing & Hearables does not want to hurt other businesses, even though we know of businesses that don’t respect others needs. I get that it is not a fair world, but please if we all respect you the customer, and other worker bees, life might be fairer.

The bottom line is don’t do it. Don’t scam and don’t ask for handouts. Be thankful that there are people working hard that want to help you. Wasn’t it John F. Kennedy that said, “it isn’t what the country can do for you, but what you can do for the country?”  

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