StarLink chargers

The all-new StarLink Chargers feature a redesigned charger case and are a great solution for Genesis AI patients.

These chargers come in both a Premium and Standard version

The Premium chargers include a built in battery so that you can charge your hearing aids even when the charger is not plugged in.

Both chargers offer Turbo Charging:

For the new StarLink Chargers, as well as the Mini Turbo Charger: Turbo charging occurs when the hearing aid battery is low.

If the hearing aid battery is low, the StarLink Chargers or Mini Turbo Charger will “Turbo Charge” the hearing aid for the first seven minutes the hearing aid is on the charger, it then returns to regular charging rate after “turbo mode” completes.

The seven minutes of turbo charging will give the patient at least 3 hours of hearing aid use.

These chargers are made for the RIC RT (rechargeable with telecoil) and mRIC (mini rechargeable) style Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids.

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Starkey StarLink Charger

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Unique StarLink Premium Mini Chargers for Genesis AI mRIC R and RIC RT hearing aids – same design but with different charging slots to ensure secure hearing aid placement. These new chargers include on-board turbo charging for three hours of hearing aid use time in just seven minutes of charging and an on-board battery for on-the-go charging.

  • Compatible with Starkey Genesis AI mRIC R and RIC RT hearing aids
  • Portable charger for maximum convenience
  • Robust and versatile
  • Gives 3 hours of use time in only 7 minutes of charging
  • Fully charges hearing aids in 3.5 hours
  • Holds up to three charges
  • Bright and informational LED battery status indicator lights
  • Hearing aids not included*
  • Original Starkey product in manufacturer-sealed packaging

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Weight 12 oz


Style of Hearing Aid


Model of Technology

Premium Mini Charger, Standard Charger

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