An easy charger for Phonak Hearing Aids

Get your extra charger today to ensure you have a backup charger.

Compatible with:

• Audéo P R/RT
• Audéo M R/RT
• Audéo B R
• Bolero B PR
• Sky B PR
• Naída B R

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Phonak Charger Case Combination

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Phonak Charger Case Combination

  • You can use it with Audéo Paradise and Audéo Marvel rechargeable hearing aids.
  • It can also serve as a protective hardcase for transporting hearing aids.
  • Includes a compartment for a capsule to dry your hearing aids while charging or transporting
  • Provides a full day of battery run-time after three hours of charging
  • With the optional clip-on Phonak Power Pack, you can charge your hearing aids on the go

Phonak Power Pack

  • To be used with Phonak Charger Combination and Charger Combination BTE when there is no external power source
  • Connects to an external power source to charge both the hearing aids and Power Pack together

The Phonak Charger Case Combination is a convenient and efficient solution for individuals with Phonak Audeo hearing aids. This compact and portable device serves as both a charger and a protective case for the hearing aids. With its sleek design and durable construction, it offers a secure and stylish way to store and charge the hearing aids on the go. It features a built-in battery that can provide up to seven full charges, ensuring that the hearing aids are always ready for use. Additionally, it is equipped with LED indicators that display the charging status, making it easy to monitor the battery level. Overall, this charger is a practical and user-friendly accessory that enhances the usability and longevity of Phonak hearing aids.

Phonak Charger Case Combination User Guide

Additional information

Weight 16 oz


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Charger Case Combination, Charger Case Combination (with optional Power Pack)

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We Carry Lithium Ion Chargers for most Brands

Did you forget your hearing aid charger or is yours on the brink of not working? We carry different chargers for the lithium-ion hearing aid batteries.

Signia, Rexton, Phonak, Widex, ReSound, Starkey, and more hearing aid charger brands available!

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