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Why electronic hearing protection?

Passive hearing protection is cheaper, and involves no electronic circuit or batteries. However, it is not selective in its attenuation, lowering both low and high sounds. That results in conversation and other important yet not too-loud sounds being drowned and lost.

Electronic hearing protection uses a battery powered electronic circuit that samples your surrounding sound levels in real-time. Safe sound levels are passed through to your eardrums as-is, but the moment sound levels become too high – the hearing protection kicks in and attenuates the sound levels that reach your eardrums.

That means you can keep your hearing protection in at all times in the shooting range. When talking to your instructor – you’ll hear them clearly and naturally when no loud background noise is present. When you or someone nearby shoots, or continuous noise from vehicles or machinery becomes present – you are protected automatically!

GSE Rechargeable earplugs use Etymotic’s ACCU•Technology with high-definition balanced-armature drivers, high-sensitivity microphones and proprietary wide-dynamic-range compression K•AMP® signal processing.

Designed for:

  • Gun sport enthusiasts
  • Professional shooters
  • Guides and instructors
  • Hunters
  • Manufacturing floor workers
  • Heavy machinery operators

How long is the charge?

Charges earplugs last up to 16 hours per charge and a fully charged case can charge earplugs up to 20 times.

Is it waterproof?

The GSE is IP67 Water Resistant. Blocking out most dust and waterproof for up to 30 minutes at 1 meter depth.


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Etymotic GunSport Pro Elite Electronic Earplugs

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  • RECHARGEABLE Electronic earplugs designed for gun sport enthusiasts in the field or at the range where both blast protection and clear communication are desired
  • Earplugs use Etymotic Research’s ACCU-Technology with high-definition balanced armature drivers, high sensitivity microphones and wide dynamic range compression K–AMP signal processing
  • Clear, high-definition sound quality
  • 2 Modes of Blast Protection: Natural Hearing & Enhanced Hearing
  • Natural Hearing Mode allows natural hearing, provides 15 dB of automatic hearing protection when noise exceeds safe levels, & protects from blasts
  • Enhanced Hearing Mode amplifies up to 5X & protects from sudden blasts
  • Blast protection is active in both modes: LO (natural) & HI (enhanced)
  • Ideal for gun sport enthusiasts, professional shooters, hunters, guides & instructors
  • Includes rechargeable case that when fully charged can charge earplugs up to 20 times
  • Earplugs last up to 16 hours per charge
  • One year warranty

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Weight 12 oz

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Most hearing loss is sensori-neural and can be prevented by just protecting your hearing when in noise.

We carry lots of styles and brands. Find the best for you and your environments and budget.

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