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Dry Caddy: Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

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Maintain peak performance, reduce repairs, and enjoy better sound quality from your hearing aids and cochlear implants!

• Powerful desiccant captures moisture and odor
• Portable -great for travel
• No recharging, reactivating, batteries or electricity needed
• Safe – does not contain any hazardous chemicals
Take the portable DryCaddy on the Go Hearing Aid Drying System anywhere and everywhere – camping, outings to the pool or beach, short trips – and get a year’s worth of protection in a small package. It’s widely acknowledged that Dry and Store is the worldwide leader in caring for hearing instruments. Dry and Store electronic appliances combine gentle heat, moving air and a desiccant to capture moisture, providing the highest level of protection for hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
A small dryer that you can put your hearing aids into at the end of the day and keep them working without the ill effects of moisture.

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