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BeHear SMARTO Personal Sound Amplifier

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Simple yet powerful Personal Hearing Amplifier

BeHear SMARTO is the first of its kind: a fully customizable hand-held or body-worn personal listening amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity. It is intended for the elderly and those who need a conversation booster to stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues.

SMARTO provides up to 70dB of ambient sound amplification that can be adjusted quickly and easily to match the user’s personal listening preferences.

While specifically designed to enhance listening for live conversations, Bluetooth support expands its functionality to cell phone and Internet calls. SMARTO is also ideal for listening to streamed Bluetooth audio from smartphones, televisions, and computers

A powerful, easy-to-operate hearing amplifier for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

Use it right out of the box to improve your understanding of live conversations, cell phone calls, and TV audio.

Adjust the volume, bass/treble balance, and sound source focus using its large, colorful buttons.

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Weight 45 oz


More Information about the BeHear Smarto PSAP

Simple and effective:

With large, color buttons for easy operation, it suits those who are limited by mobility, vision, dexterity, or dementia.

Tailor-made amplification:

The conversation isn’t just louder, it is personalized to suit the user’s unique hearing profile.

Sound source focus:

Only the voice of the person speaking is amplified, not the whole room.

Build-in safety feature:

A single-press user-defined emergency call option makes it easy for the user to get assistance if needed and gives family members peace of mind.

Loud and clear mobile calls:

Comprehension is increased due to personalized amplification, noise reduction technology, and Alango’s EasyListen, which slows down incoming speech when desired.

Superior audio quality:

Clear dialogue and rich music tones are delivered from streamed television programs, music tracks, podcasts, conference calls, and other audio content.

Tinnitus relief therapy:

Customizable masking sound to ease the discomfort of tinnitus.

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