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Jeff Bezos doesn’t know anything about Hearing Health Care, But we do!

Hearing aids and Hearing Loss

The biggest Online Hearing Store Today! Not all about just the Hearing Aid.

We are having so much fun Helping all of you with the products you need.

I am so pleased that we are able to offer everything we believe you need for keeping your ears clean, safe, protected, hearing, and best part of all great service.  If you don’t see a product that you need, please fill out the contact sheet and ask us about it.  Sure you can call but we prefer a contact form inquiry as we may be busy helping others.   Feel free to make an appointment with one of our audiologists if you feel you need more time.  We do sell our service separately.

Get the Right Ear Tips – We carry all brands for your Receiver-in-the-ear Hearing aid.

Back in the day, I noticed that so many people came into my private practice clinic with tips stuck in their ears. They were not necessarily my patients (as I like to think my patients were equipped with the right backup tips and instructions) but patients who bought some kind of tip online from Amazon, the biggest platform for selling products.  And people didn’t understand that you can’t just buy any tip.  You need to buy a tip that fits your aid, your receiver.  Otherwise, the tip falls off easily and with a little grab from your ear canals, holds onto it and retains in the ear canal.   How many tips you ask have I fished out of people’s ears over the years?  I wish I would have kept count.  So, the first products that we loaded into our online e-commerce store were the various tips that people use.  If we don’t have a tip that you use for your hearing aid, please, please reach out and we will help find what you need.  😊

Ear Cleaning – Keep it safe.

We clean our client’s ears in our clinic daily.   Wax and other debris may not only cause temporary hearing loss, it can also plug your hearing device, bud or earphone so you can’t hear as well through them.  So it is good to keep your ears clean.   Of course, there can also be a tip stuck in your ear.  Just yesterday I fished a tip out of someone’s ear that must have put on a backup hearing aid as he has molds.  So how that got there I don’t know.  If you feel you aren’t hearing as well we are going to be offering a very inexpensive video-type otoscope that you can connect to your smartphone.  From there you can put the safe tip piece in your ear canal and look inside your own ear. If you don’t know what you are looking at, snap a picture and send it to us.  Then we can see inside your ear and give you some guidance.  Not only are there otoscopes we carry, we also carry ear-cleaning kits to soften and remove wax.  Not just one brand but a few different brands and options.   Please be safe in putting anything in your ear as if you go too deep you can really damage your eardrum.  Also if you have any previous surgeries or perforations in your ear, please consult with a doctor or audiologist prior to doing it yourself.

Hearing Protection – Industry noise or loud music?

We have a number of hearing protection options for your needs.  If you are working in noise we have lots of options including sending us an impression of your ear and we can order custom protection for you.  We might need to find you a local hearing care professional in your area to get that impression for us.  Sometimes people’s ears are just too small for the standard fit and go hearing protection.  Hearing protection needs to fit well in your ears so that it blocks the sound from hitting your eardrum.  For musicians and music concertgoers, we have an array of different products.  We have the flat attenuation blocking response so that music doesn’t sound muffled, changing the fidelity of your music.

We even have options for those who want quieter sleep.  Long ago I lived in a very noisy neighborhood and wore soft molds to sleep in every night.  Sometimes I would lose mine and so I had a couple of pairs.  While walking my dog once and he stopped to go poo, I found where my hearing protection went.  I decided not to recycle that one.  ha ha

Hearing Accessories – These are so important like the Alerting systems.

There are so many different types of hearing accessories.  Such accessories are critical like hearing a smoke detector, or an alarm of some kind.  Equally important is hearing the phone ring or the doorbell.   We have those types of systems as well as alarm clock amplifiers and bed shakers.  There is even a watch that helps those who struggle to hear and need an amplified or vibration signal.  We can help you pick out the accessory you need.  What about a situation in which you need help hearing?  We have those too.

Situational Hearing Accessories are also important.

Sometimes the only time you have difficulty hearing is while watching TV.

We have really nice speakers by ZVox although we can’t put the images on our e-commerce site, you have to call the clinic to get a consult on those. We also have lots of TV streaming pieces.  Some can share and some can’t.   And in the future, there will be more pieces available as Aurocast is coming into new products that offer Bluetooth sharing!  This is a big deal.  Stay tuned for more products and information.

Other places people have a hard time hearing are background noise.

Perhaps an over-the-counter hearing aid or even a little hearable will help you in those noisy environments where you need help hearing in over the noise.  There are going to be so many products available in this category as time continues.  Some will be a hype and others will work well.  We are searching for that device whether it is an OTC hearing aid or a hearable or personal sound amplifier that will really focus in on speech while separating out the noise.  Right now we have no favorites.  The market is too young.  We recommend you maybe try a few or choose one that meets your needs, like recharges or is invisible or is at the right price point for you.  We have those choices for you.

Competitive Priced Hearing Aids.

If you are having a hard time finding an affordable hearing aid and you have a hearing loss that is more moderate to severe, we might be able to help you.  We want to help make hearing aids affordable.  What you need to understand is that when providers dispense hearing aids they bundle the cost of services and time in the cost of the device.  Anytime you are in business you need to figure out how much your overhead is to stay in business.  So the easiest method is to bundle the cost of your overhead into the product.  What isn’t always fair is that you, the patient, don’t need all that service.  We can help you find the right product but also a provider that will charge you a fair price for what you need.

Hearing aid Accessories.

This is a big category in our marketplace.  If you already have hearing aids and you need something to go with your hearing aid, I am pretty sure we have it or can find it if we don’t.   As mentioned above we carry all tips for the receivers and we also carry receivers.  We carry retention locks for the receivers.  The store also has rechargeable batteries, chargers in case you forgot yours, TV streamers, Remote microphones to help you hear better in noise, Computer pieces, and so many other pieces to add on when you need.  Just yesterday I was talking to someone about a Bluetooth dongle.  We will get those pieces loaded into our store so we can help you with a connection.

Finally, what we know that Jeff Bezos doesn’t know:

We Audiologists got a professional degree in how the ear works.

Disorders of the ears and how to help people hear better.  We clearly love to help people hear better.  This store is run by an audiologist and her goal is to have more audiologists helping you with your solution.  We will be building out our network.  Supporting the community that needs our help.  I believe we do it better than anyone else.   A hearing dispenser can also help and may be as good as an audiologist in some way.  Perhaps a better bedside manner or more transparency in the way they do business.  In any case, our goal is to support your hearing needs like no other.  Mr. Bezos can run a business like no other.  He can travel to the moon and he was a pioneer in his day.  But he doesn’t know hearing health care nor does his platform.  Don’t just buy a product.   Find a solution that will work for you.  We are here to help.  Please ask.  Set up an appointment or send a free contact form.  We will let you know if we need an appointment or more information.  It is easy to reach out to us, except in the middle of the night.  Might have to wait for an answer.  🙂

We offer more than any other e-commerce online store for ear and hearing health with lots of choices, I am proud to say we are offering customer service like no other.

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