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Kim, I always have wondered where your charm and delight in working with my elderly 95 years young Mom came from but now I know it was actually your father’s influence coming through your young spirit! 

Thank your father for giving Minnesota one very fine young lady who’s work with those who are hearing challenged remind’s me of such integrity rarely seen in the interaction we had previously experienced! You shine a bright light on those that need your help to hear in the most amazingly kind way, you are obviously our hearing whisperer! Thank you Team! 

Anita K M and Becky C

Kim Fishman has been a good friend of mine over the years and really radically improved my hearing loss as the owner of Kim Fishman, Audiology.

She also helped lead efforts to install technology in our council chambers to help those with hearing aides like me! I’m glad we found each other for lots of reasons.

 Jake S

“When my niece was 13, about 18 years ago, she came to visit me. She was very soft spoken, and too young to fully understand that I had hearing loss. 

She tired of repeating herself, and seemed to believe that I was yet another adult who did not care to understand a young person’s thinking. I feel that, even to this day, I do not have as strong a bond as I could have with my only niece due to that communication problem all those years ago. That experience sent me to audiology, because I actually did want to know what she said. As I had no referral, I simply picked an audiologist out of my insurance provider book. After 2 hearing aids, each reprogrammed more than once, I gave up. I could eavesdrop on other people’s conversations with greater ease, but was no better at catching the words of my companions in a noisy environment. I met Kim unexpectedly at a street fair last summer, and was drawn to the empty chair she had in the shade on a hot day. As we talked, I realized that I liked her as a person. Then I told her about my increasing hearing loss. She confirmed that not all audiologists are equally skilled. It is too long ago now to know what caused the failure of my first attempt to correct my hearing, but I judged her to be honest, so I asked directly “Well, are you a good audiologist?” She laughed “Actually I am.” One very nice service they offered me was a pair of trial aids for $50/week, simply to see if I would actually like and use hearing aids. I could have returned then with a “no” and not have spent thousands on aids that would sit in a drawer. But, as I decided that I did want aids, I gave back the test pair, and the money I had paid was credited towards the aids I purchased. Now, 3 weeks with my new aids, I am very happy with my rediscovered ability to hear, and with the kindness with which the entire staff at Chears treats me. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.”

Joyce S. of Minneapolis, MN
01/11/2020    Review submitted online


I turned the sound on the TV set way up and used closed captioning, at movies I heard about 3/4 of what was being said and didn’t understand all of that. I said “excuse me?” a lot. I was very polite. 🙂 I thought that my microwave oven was broken because it didn’t make the dinging noise when it finished cooking. The biggest thing in my life was my exercise class where I couldn’t hear the instructor so I stopped trying to hear and just watched her and copied what she was doing. I wasn’t happy. Then a few very nice people in my class came over and showed me their hearing aids and told me about a wonderful audiologist ..Kim Fishman. They volunteered to drive me over to meet Kim and hear what she had to say. When we got to .. Kim and her staff were very nice and very professional. I took a hearing test and that confirmed that I did indeed have some hearing loss. I was given the chance to try out several different types of hearing aids and after wearing them for a bit, I was given some by Signia. What a Revelation. These aids fit me well, were comfortable and I could hear! I was shown several different apps and told all about Signia. I opted to go with the rechargeable batteries. I know myself and not being adept, I knew that changing batteries wasn’t for me. I now have a little unit I put the hearing aids into every night and I am happy with that.

Having hearing aids have made a big difference in my life and I am happy to share my experience with anyone who will listen. Signia is for me! And now I can go to my exercise class and listen to the soft music and hear my coach in the front of the class. Cheers!

Lois S.

Getting a hearing aid was not that difficult for me going to
[her clinic]


I needed hearing aids for a few years but was very reluctant to actually purchase them. Not only did they seem very expensive but I had
heard so many horrible stories from people who had them! When I saw a newspaper article about [her clinic] that said you could try the aids before you
purchased them I decided to give them a try. When I met Kim she provided a lot of information and had me try a couple of different models. I was immediately
hooked and have had very few issues. Kim … been very helpful and I would highly recommend [her clinic]!!!



 Linda B.

This was a great Experience


The services at [her clinic] are awesome!  The entire team works with you to get the diagnosis and products right.  They
follow-up with any issues immediately and persistently with vendors and others to ensure your satisfaction.  I too would give them more than 5 stars if I



 Larry I.

Call [Hears to U Audiology] First!


I’ve noticed that the best customer experiences happen in transactions with businesses run by people who love what they do and do what they love. This is certainly my experience with Kim …; they are knowledgeable, personable, and attentive to my particular and individual audiology needs. I am happy I called [Hears to U] first. If you need hearing aids or hearing assessment, I highly recommend starting hear … uh… here.

Feb 2017


 JIM F. ,

Can dogs have hearing loss

Part II of a Hearing Story by Will W.


This is my dog. ChiChi, the chihuahua. For obvious reasons, he has super-sonic hearing ability. Just look at those ears! He will never need
an audiologist.  His hearing is so acute that he is over-reactive to everything. If one sets his dinner plate down a bit hard he jumps back like he
just saw a rattlesnake. Thunder, god forbid, sounds to him like the end of the world. In a T-storm, we can’t make him get out from under the covers.  We
love him because he can protect our house. He can hear every footstep or sound, say if someone was even in our yard, he lets us know. He earns his dog food.



When it comes to audiologists, I do need one. And, I’m happy to say, and as I mentioned last week, I have found one, a good one.
Thanks to the expert help from audiologists Kim Fishman, l am on my third pair of “demo” audio units and I’m already getting spoiled. With my units in
place, ChiChi and I have the same super power of  hearing. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to hear every bird chirp, every floor squeak, and
every voice ( but, please do be careful when you set down my plate, and, oh, you can quit shouting too).

The only problem I’m having is the reaction I get when I mention to someone that I’m wearing, um, “hearing aids”. Especially for
young people.  I can practically see them putting me into the category of the wretched and from-this-point-forward invisible old person. You just might
as well tell them that you just pooped in your Depends.

So, I tried something different the other day when I was taking a phone call using the current units. These things receive all sounds
from my phone, music, calls, as well as all the beeps, chirps and other sounds it makes.  When they asked me, “Hey, how are you getting that call?

I didn’t even hear it ring”  I just gesture towards my ear (you can’t see anything there) and say, “oh, it’s
just my Bluetooth devices… you know, the new tiny ones? Apple?…iPhone…?”   Now the reaction is great!  “Whoa, dude! That’s really
cool, I haven’t heard of those!”   Therefore I resolve to never use the “H.A. words” again.

I’m going back to see Kim again this week. Maybe I will get to try out even another pair, or maybe I’ll just say that this pair is for me.
I’ll leave that up to her patience and generosity. Nevertheless, life will never be the same!  I can hear you now.



 Will W.,

Referring From Family to Friends..  

I noticed that my hearing was slowly getting worse over the past few years. I suffered through meals in “noisy” restaurants. I was constantly asking people to repeat and/or, as in my wife’s case, to please speak up. The TV volume kept creeping louder, to the point that neighbors could hear what I was watching. The years of attending rock bands, racing motorcycles in my earlier years, and mowing lawns to help fund my education, had taken it’s toll on my hearing.


The incident that finally made me seek help was when I was on a sales call with my business partner/daughter-in-law, Carly. As we were processing our meeting with our clients later that day, I discovered that I had missed two key statements made by the husband. It was then that I had to overcome the stigma of wearing hearing aids and seek help.


I was referred to [the clinic] and Kim by my mother-in-law. Kim took the time to assess my situation, administer a hearing test, and fit me with demo hearing aids. Over the next two weeks, I tested two brands and ordered my own bluetooth-compatible pair. I can hear again!! I warn friends that I can hear everything they say, so be careful…. Seriously, I have overcome the stigma of having to wear hearing aids. Most people assume I’m wearing bluetooth earphones.


Since I’ve been wearing these aids for several weeks now, I’ve had numerous conversations with my friends about their hearing problems. I’m amazed at how many of my acquaintances have lost hearing and are willing to seek help as I did this summer. It’s easy to recommend Kim. The [Clinic] experience is top notch. I have recommended several people to Kim and all agree that this was the best solution to their hearing problems. My advice is this: just do it! Schedule an appointment, get over your vanity, and start hearing again. Thanks, Kim for helping me. Thanks for helping my friends and family.



 Jim C 

“Erasing the Stigma: Hearing Loss”


What a gift it was to have Kim Fishman, Audiologist present for us! In a relaxed, conversational and personal style Kim shared her
expertise, experience and knowledge regarding hearing. She shared the levels of hearing loss and options for hearing aids across a variety of types and
manufacturers. She gave vision to where the area of hearing needs to go. Kim was particularly adept at fielding questions from the audience and people left
the presentation with new information regarding the importance of hearing. If you need the most up-to-date information and expertise from a caring
Audiologist, Kim is the one to contact.

Dir. of Congregational Care


 Penne S. 

Newly Diagnosed and accepting my hearing loss


I wish I could give Kim more than 5 stars. Newly diagnosed with severe hearing loss as a 27 year old woman, I first met Kim as an emotional wreck and still struggling to find the best audio settings in my aids that fit my needs at work. Struggling to find words to explain exactly what I was and was not hearing, tears filled my eyes. Kim wrapped me in the warmest hug and led me to her office where she listened to me explain my situation and then immediately got to work. I will never forget her kindness and compassion, not to mention her exceptional knowledge and skill in her field. Not only did she maximize the sound in my aids, she fit me with perfectly fitting ear buds – remaking the molds until they were perfect. I was in and out of the office many times over the span of a couple months while Kim and I worked on the settings, not happy until she was confident that I was hearing as perfectly as I could. Now, I am able to hear beautifully with comfortable molds, and I can actually call these two women friends. The office is warm and inviting, and they always have some kind of goody or treat prepared for their clients along with water or fresh coffee, and a never-ending supply of genuine smiles that make you feel like they couldn’t be happier to see you. Well… I couldn’t be happier to have met them.  



 Ashley H. ,

Helped  me with my existing Warehouse aids!

Kim is fantastic! She is not only knowledgeable about hearing loss and hearing aids, but she is practical and helpful. She explained
things simply and made suggestions for improving my hearing and existing hearing aids. Kim is very personable and easy to get along with. Her office is
cheerful (with chocolates for everyone). Best of all is that Kim enjoys what she is doing – helping people hear. And she helped me.


 Ross S,

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