The Starkey Genesis AI Custom Rechargeable Hearing Aids are built on Starkey’s newest Genesis AI platform. This technology features a new processor and sound. These rechargeable in-the-ear hearing aids also offer Bluetooth streaming and app control. They are waterproof and come in 6 different color options.

The rechargeable ITE comes in two styles:

  • In-the-Ear
  • In-the-Canal

Also available in three technology levels:

  • 16 (Standard)
  • 20 (Advanced)
  • 24 (Premium)


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Starkey Genesis AI Rechargeable Custom Hearing Aids

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The Starkey Genesis AI Custom hearing aids utilize Starkey’s newest hearing technology. This includes the all new Starkey Neuro Processor which uses Deep Neural Networks (DNN) to process sound and adapt to new listening environments.

Also new is the Pro8 HydraShield that offers 8 layers of waterproof protection and an IP68+ rating.

Custom hearing aids are a great solution to masks and wind noise. These are larger than some other in the ear styles but the trade-off is that they offer rechargeability and streaming!


  • Custom-fit to your ear
  • Can include controls for volume and memory that won’t fit on smaller custom hearing aids
  • Larger battery provides longer battery life


  • Largest of the custom styles
  • Can be made full or half shell
  • May pick up more wind noise than smaller custom devices

We can talk about features and changes in technology until we are blue in the face, but we believe the best way to understand a hearing aid is to try it for yourself! Read more about the importance of a demo process.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
45 Trial Period

45 Day Trial

App to Use

App Availble

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence






Black w/ Black Shell, Black w/ Clear Shell, Black w/ Red/Blue Shell, Chestnut w/ Clear Shell, Chestnut w/ Red/Blue Shell, Dark Brown w/ Clear Shell, Dark Brown w/ Red/Blue Shell, Light Brown w/ Clear Shell, Light Brown w/ Light Brown Shell, Light Brown w/ Red/Blue Shell, Medium Brown w/ Clear Shell, Medium Brown w/ Red/Blue Shell, Pink w/ Clear Shell, Pink w/ Pink Shell, Pink w/ Red/Blue Shell

Custom Made

Custom Made


Non Self Fit

How many

Pair, Single



Levels of technology

16 (Standard), 20 (Advanced), 24 (Premium)

Power Supply



Audio Streaming

Style of Hearing Aid

In-the-Ear, In-the-Canal

Our hearing aids are sold separately from the service. We are working on our network to find a provider near you. Providers charge separately for services. If you are in Minnesota you can see us.

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