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Rexton Charging Station with Lid

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The Rexton Charging Station with Lid comes with a charger lid to protect the hearing aids and its smart design also accommodates custom molds.

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A fast-charging option, a drying function via inductive charging, and intuitive left and right LEDs for status information complete this Rexton charger.

Ask us if this is the lithium-ion accessory charger for you.

Rexton Charging Station with Lid

  • The Charging Station comes with a protective lid and accommodates custom molds.  It uses inductive charging which provides a beneficial drying function and has easy-to-read left/right LED charging status lights.
  • Compatible with M-Core R-Li and M-Core B-Li M
  • The charger’s lid protects hearing aids while they are charging. The lid makes it a smart carrying case as well as a charger hearing aid accessory.

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