Helps prevent costly repairs.

Works with all hearing aids. 5 Tools in 1. Wax removal brush & pick. Battery replacement magnet. Tube & vent cleaner. Battery door opener. The Audio-Kit contains the five tools needed for fast, easy and effective daily hearing aid cleaning and maintenance. The five tools are built into a lightweight comfortable handle for ease of use. 1. Brush cleans and easily removes wax and debris. 2. Pick removes wax from small openings in the hearing aid. 3. Tube & vent cleaner keeps tubes and vents clear of wax and debris. 4. Battery door opener easily reach and open the battery door. 5. Battery magnet helps remove and insert batteries. Battery storage compartment.

From our Blogs:  This is a great buy.  You should not be without one. If you are going to have hearing aids you are going to need to take care of them. Our cleaning kit comes with a cleaning brush you can use to brush away wax and dirt. A wax removal pick for built-up stubborn wax. A tube and vent cleaner which is handy for cleaning ear molds. A battery door opener for those who have long pretty nails and don’t want to damage them opening battery doors and for those who haven’t any nails at all and need an extra umphh to get those doors open. There is even a battery magnet to help retrieve those small batteries and not worry about them falling into your lush carpet or rolling away on your marble floors never to be seen again.

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Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit

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1) Acu-Life Hearing Aid 5-in-1 tool system

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