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Quattro 4 clearsounds bluetooth streamer

ClearSounds Quattro 4.0: A Bluetooth streamer with T-Coil connection to your Hearing aid

February 10, 2021

Hearing Loops and T-coil Induction Loops

ClearSounds Quattro 4.0

Want to be able to hear in meetings, on phone calls, on the TV, and in music more clearly.  This may be the Bluetooth streamer accessory for you.

The ClearSounds Quattro 4 has an array of features that are very neat and maybe you can benefit from hearing from a smartphone, computer, MP3 player, or in a noisy environment using the removable mic or even while talking on the phone directly to your ears.  You can use the earpieces that come with the product or your own earbuds or your hearing aid or cochlear implant with your t-coil.

It is a sleek Device you wear around your neck that is connected to earbuds, hearing aids, or a cochlear implant.  It has a detachable omnidirectional microphone that picks up surrounding sounds and transmits them to your ears via the device you are using.  You can even adjust the sensitivity of the microphone to minimize background noise.  It has Bluetooth for an easy connection for streaming and can connect to 5 pieces, two simultaneously.  This piece is hands-free as well.

You can hear better in meetings:

Working at Hears to U, Audiology I hear this from our patients, “I want to contribute in meetings and social situations, but that is easier said than done.  I feel like I am missing something, so I would rather say nothing instead of looking stupid”.   They report in that they are not necessarily saying “What?” a lot, but just have a sense that something has changed.  One woman in particular that I remember, called and had a similar story.  She had her test and sure enough, a mild loss in the lower ranges.  The Quattro 4 ClearSounds bluetooth streamer was a good option for her in her work meetings and she loved it for Bluetooth streaming from her smartphone.

If you have Hearing aids:

Good for her, but what if you have or need hearing aids to use all the time.   The good news, the Quattro 4 by ClearSounds will also connect to your hearing aids; Hearing aids with a T-coil work best as you need to connect to your t-coil program in your hearing aids.  Depending on the type of hearing aid you have, this could help you fine-tune your listening needs by decreasing the background noise of a restaurant, driving in your car, or talking on your cell phone while taking a walk.

In the Kit of the Quattro 4 bluetooth streamer by ClearSounds:

The ClearSounds Quattro 4.0 comes with a remote microphone, charging adapter, charging cable, wired earpieces, and an instruction manual.  The Quattro 4 and the microphone take about five hours to charge, and that will give you 3 hours of talking time on the loop and six hours on the headset.  The Bluetooth Connection is a V4. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Counter Hearing Loop portable induction hearing loop to use with t-coil enabled hearing aids and cochlear implants

Table Counter Induction Loop

February 1, 2021

Induction Loop Systems

Table Counter Hearing Induction Loop

Williams Sound PLA-90 Counter Loop


Williams Sound started decades ago and is based right here in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

They are a well-known part of the Wireless Telecommunications Equipment and Manufacturing Industry.  This counter hearing loop system picks up sound through an internal, integrated microphone or an optional external microphone.  The system then transmits the sound directly into those hearing aids equipped with a T-coil.  The system is about 8”x7”x3”, so it is small enough to sit on a counter, a teller window, an information desk, or a store counter; it can also be mounted on a wall.  The greatest benefit is that the sound that is streamed to the aids, will be heard in a way that is specific to the wearer.  In other words, without doing anything different, each person will hear what is said through the t-coil on their hearing aids in the way that each wearer needs per their hearing prescription.  Hence, the hearing aid itself will transmit the sound so that it meets the individual needs of the wearer’s hearing loss.

If you do not know what the hearing Induction loop is or does, Click Here first.

Now you may be thinking:  “Why do I need this?”  Although, if you are reading this, you may have already decided that you want to have one for all the people you know who are hearing impaired.  Maybe you are a small business owner, and you do not know if your customers wear hearing aids.  However, if a percentage of your customers are over the age of 65,  it is safe to assume that one out of three has a loss of some kind.  Maybe you would like to install a hearing loop system in your store, but during these times, you cannot afford the additional expense.  This could be a way for your customers to hear all that is said clearly, easily, and discreetly and affordable.

It can be used discreetly in a couple of ways.

At a bank, as soon as you enter, you can switch your hearing aids to the T-coil via the app or by changing the program on the aid.  No one would know that is what you were doing; discreet.  Now, you need to speak to a banker.  If the personal banker has one on his/her desk, you can speak softly, and her/her voice will be heard directly in your hearing aids.  That allows you the privacy of not having to speak so loudly that others hear your conversation; discreet.

The PLA-90 unit has several unique features.  As mentioned, it has an internal microphone, but you can use an additional external mic and can switch between the two modes.  There is also a gain control for that external mic.  It does have a 12 V rechargeable battery pack that will last up to 6 hours after a 4-hr charge.  It can also operate through AC power with a range of 3-4 feet.  Indicator LED lights will tell you when it is operational or charging.  It is specifically designed to meet ADA accessibility requirements.

It also comes with a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

This product meets American Disabilities Act for your small business.  Give your customers, clients, patients a 5-star experience!

hearing loop installed sign for using t-coil with hearing aids hearing loss

What is a Hearing Loop and did you say something about a T-Coil?

January 30, 2021

What is a hearing loop?

You may have seen the signs in the airport, a theater, a church, a courtroom, or some other large venue and perhaps your audiologist mentioned that feature of your hearing aids.  What did they say about it?  How does it work?

A loop, sometimes called an audio induction loop, is a sound system that meets the requirements of the ADA law (American’s Disability Act).

The Hearing Induction loop provides a wireless electromagnetic signal that is received by a hearing aid that is set to the “T” setting or a device that has a T-coil such as a “loop listener”, a pocket talker, or a Personal Sound Amplifier (PSAP).   The components of a Hearing Loop contain a microphone, an amplifier, the special wire that goes around a specific venue area (ex:  a church, a courtroom) that acts as an antenna to radiate the signal to the aid.  When the speaker talks into the Mic, it goes to the amplifier which sends out the signal via the copper wire.  The copper wire sends out an electromagnetic signal that is picked up by your personal hearing aid T-Coil.  And voila, the sound is clear and crisp right in your ears.

You may ask, If I already have a hearing aid, why do I need to use a loop?

There are many benefits for the user of the loop.  First, it is easy to use and it wasn’t invented yesterday.  It is tried and true technology that has been around a long time.  Once you enter a space that has a loop, just switch your device to the telecoil program and automatically you will hear a clear and customized sound.   The sound is of high quality because that sound is streamed directly into your device; no background noise.  It is customized by your unique hearing device.  Also, it is discreet.  All you have done is change into your T-Coil program on your hearing aid/ device via a push-button/switch or via the app on your cell phone.  When you are in the loop, no additional equipment is needed other than your t coil, so no need to worry about how well that equipment was cleaned between uses. If you don’t have a t-coil in your hearing aid or you don’t have a hearing aid, simply ask for a loop listener from the venue.  If the venue doesn’t have a loop listener, purchasing a device just for the loop is not expensive.   We are happy to talk to you at Hears to U, Audiology about low-cost devices for use in a hearing loop.

Many things can be looped; in fact anything that can plug into a 3.5 jack. You could plug in your MP3 player, a phone, an Ipad, computer, even a stethoscope.

Lastly, the hearing loop can be added to a variety of spaces; from meeting rooms to the courtroom, to places of worship, theaters, airports, countertops, and even homes.  We have a faithful t coil patient who even looped his car.  One of our patients looped her living room.

The options are near limitless.

One of our patients wanted to encourage her house of worship to install a loop system as it had renovation plans under discussion.  The space was large and often used as a concert hall.  The problem was, she had difficulty hearing.  Another wanted her local theater to invest in a system.  She was looking forward to the play but then could hardly hear the actors.  It would be so frustrating to purchase tickets, look forward to an evening of entertainment, only to have it ruined because you could not hear.  Our fantastic MSP airport has looped all of the international travel areas because Europeans expect loops in the terminals.

In St. Louis Park, MN we have lots of loops to include our City Hall meeting rooms, the JCC theater, and some churches.  In Hopkins, MN the City hall council chambers are also looped.   If you are in Minnesota and want to get involved join Loop MinnesotaClick here for more information.

That all sounds very interesting, but what happens if my hearing aid does not have telecoil capabilities.  Can I still use a loop?  Yes, you can use a telecoil-equipped streamer, a personal amplifier, or special devices with or without a smartphone app.  Feel free to contact us at Hears to U, Audiology, and Hearing and Hearables and we will help direct you in the right path.  If you have a significant hearing loss, be careful not to buy a mild amplifier as it won’t be enough gain for you to hear well through the device and the Hearing loop.  Check-in with your audiologist as they will help you.

So get in the Loop!  We promise it is a Wow listening experience.

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