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Sony CRE-E10 Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids – Online
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Sony CRE-C10 Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids – online
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Hears to U, Audiology
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forrest burkeforrest burke
20:09 11 Apr 24
Barb BrewerBarb Brewer
16:25 28 Mar 24
I highly recommend Hears To U for hearing aids. The office is warm and comfortable. The staff is well informed, caring and very friendly. After being perfectly fitted with hearing aids, I now hear and understand clearly. I finally eliminated the word “what” from my vocabulary. As a huge bonus, my aids were set up with streaming my TV and radio which immensely helps me ignore the tinnitus in my ears. I truly thank you Kim and Malia for making my family and me so happy now that I can hear them. Hears To U!!!
Randy Renee JoppRandy Renee Jopp
20:42 16 Jan 24
I had been wearing hearing aids for 13 years purchasing the first pair in 2009; the second in 2015 (from two different offices). Both times only one brand and type was offered to me. Quite often clarity of speech was extremely difficult. I would schedule a hearing test assuming my hearing had worsened but it was never the huge change I expected. Although adjustments were made to my aids, clarity of speech continued to be an issue. However, because my hearing aids had been adjusted as much as they could be, I just accepted “hearing aids are never as good as normal hearing and this is as good as it gets”.Recently, I reached a point of sheer frustration so I made an appointment at HEARSTOU, HEARING & HEARABLES, knowing they have a 5* rating. Malia, who helped me schedule my appointment, is professional, kind, authentic and simply a sweetheart. The hearing exam, administered by Kim, was very thorough as it included tests I previously never have been given. Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised that I could try out various brands of hearing aids over a number of weeks to find which one worked best for me. Moreover, Kim didn’t tell me which hearing aids I should purchase but rather told me I would know which brand would work best for me after demoing the aids. Kim’s extensive knowledge in audiology is phenomenal; her care, compassion and easy-going spirit is a gift. Thank you Kim and Malia - God has greatly blessed me through you!I highly recommend HEARSTOU, HEARING & HEARABLES! You will not be disappointed!
Nadi BajdaNadi Bajda
18:48 07 Jan 24
I was so pleased with my first visit with Hears to You. From the moment I made my appointment Malia greeted me with such kindness. Not only was she kind but patient with me as I called her in a panic; realizing I had my appointment in a half an hour while I was clear across the opposite end of the cities from Hopkins. She was so sweet. Dr. Kim was also so welcoming, fun and very professional. Being an older woman, my hearing had reason for my concern. Dr. Kim reassured me and gave me suggestions to optimize my hearing.My husband will make his appointment there too.
Mandy HeitkampMandy Heitkamp
23:58 21 Nov 23
I always learn so much about the ear and how it works when I visit. The office space is warm & welcoming. I definitely would trust Kim’s expertise.
Donna HawleyDonna Hawley
16:37 30 Oct 23
Kim Fishman, who owns Hears provides exceptional service to her clients! One of my hearing aids was eaten by my dog and Kim had a loaner hearing aid for me as soon as I called and the replacement from Oticon arrived within a week. Kim made time to program the new one as soon as it arrived. I sincerely don't know what I would do or where else I could go, for this level of customer-patient service without Kim and Malia at Hears to U.Highly recommend!!!
H A PetersonH A Peterson
16:33 24 Oct 23
Kim and Malia are wonderful, competent, trustworthy practitioners. I have some unique challenges with my hearing, and Kim and Malia understand exactly how to help manage my issues. They are incredibly responsive when issues arise, and their patient, thoughtful approach is second to none. They are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible, and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else but Hears to U, Hearing & Hearables, for all my hearing needs. Thank you, Kim, Malia, and the rest of the team! I don't know what I'd do without you.
Lee NeisenLee Neisen
15:42 18 Oct 23
From the very first contact, I was responded to quickly. I don't have any experience with hearing aids and I had lots of questions. Kim and Malia made me feel comfortable and they really know their stuff. I never felt pressured and I was given weeks to evaluate different brands with their different features. I highly recommend Hears to U!
Drew GerlingDrew Gerling
15:10 27 Sep 23
Can’t say enough good things about Hears 2 U! Very nice and friendly people with a passion for audiology. I had impressions made for custom hearing protection this morning and had a VERY good experience.
Steve RippleSteve Ripple
18:14 07 Sep 23
I brought my 94 year old father here and the care and service he received was absolutely wonderful. Both Kim and Malia were incredibly patient with him, making him feel great about seeking help. And most importantly, he can hear better than he has for years. I highly recommend Hears To U!
Rosa & Aaron SpohnRosa & Aaron Spohn
23:16 09 Aug 23
Highly recommend Hears to U. Kim made an effort to squeeze me in same day. They made me feel so safe and comfortable explaining everything so well and answering all my questions. Didn’t feel rushed as Kim took her time and walked me through what to expect.
Ande QuercusAnde Quercus
23:38 13 Jun 23
I've worn hearing aids for 30 years, and I've been getting my hearing health care from Kim for 4 years. She is great! On my first visit, she noticed that my earmolds didn't have the right vent size for my type of hearing loss. It's great to work with someone that is so knowledgeable about hearing aids. She is also very friendly!
Beth JohnstonBeth Johnston
00:10 07 Apr 23
I found Kim Fishman, Audiologist, and her Assistant to be helpful and Lovely to work with and to learn from. They were both gregarious, interested in me and interesting to compare notes of our lives with. Not to mention the warm comforting Space they occupy and the extreme helpfulness of their information. Ms Fishman was successful in cleaning me ear thoroughly and teaching me how to care for it including a followup video.
Gordon JensenGordon Jensen
20:41 10 Mar 23
A great experience. I recommend it.
Ryan StrongRyan Strong
13:31 02 Feb 23
I came to Hears To U with horrible tinnitus, hearing loss, and trepidation about getting help. Kim is amazing, she took the time to understand me, my issues, and situation and worked to find a solution that fit my needs. I was not committed to a set of hearing aids, allows to try multiple kinds, and get an explanation of how they are different. The process started with an audiogram, and there was no stress. I would, and do, recommend this place to anyone I overhear mention getting audioassistance. Here’s to you, Hears to U!
Mark ThompsonMark Thompson
11:36 05 Jan 23
My wife and I are currently working with Kim and Malia on our next choices of hearing devices. I currently own hearings aids by Oticon. It is are the OPN S 1 Minirite T series (one is a transmitter for CROS) and I’ve had them since February of 2021. These HA’s don’t really suit all my specific needs, seeing I’m dealing with two key things regarding my hearing, SSD and Tinnitus. Oticon although a premium HA don’t really shine in these two areas from my 1 1/2 years of ownership experience. The CROS device has no volume control in the software, so one is stuck with using the rocker panels on the HA's for volume control which is somewhat limiting in controlling volume. The Tinnitus program of Oticon absolutely pales in comparison to the likes of Widex and Signia with their full featured effective sound therapy. I also find the Oticon devices do not do as well in noisy restaurants, or venues similar to that, at least not from my experiences with them.After reviewing those particular facts and talking to Kim about it she suggested I try out Signia’s latest model Pure AX 7 designed in Bi-CROS (to suit my deaf right ear). With that change in devices, I can now increase the volume in the application software (on my Iphone) vs what I can do with my Oticons with rocker panel clicks pn the transmitter side of my CROS. I wore the Signia's for three days straight and visited a few noisy places to test their ability to hear better than my current devices. In the end, I found them to operate much better and clearer in those venues, I was able to dial in my specific sound environment preferences and the software made the adjustment for overcoming signal to noise ratio challenges.Although it is challenging for any HA's to do that well, the Signia's seem do that better, from my experiences. Certainly better than any current adjustment options I have at my disposal with my Oticons OPN S Devices. "Open Sound Navigator" has no HA application user interface modifications (on my Iphone) except for "Open Sound Booster" that no end users I've seen in reviews, speak highly about.I plan on moving ahead with the experiences learned from Kim and her business with regard to Signia sometime in 2023. I just wish I would have met her earlier in my decision making process instead of buying technology that doesn't really solve my true needs with my particular hearing impairment. Working now with Kim and Malia, I believe my wife won't make that mistake with her first HA purchase in 2023.
15:52 23 Mar 22
I have a severe hearing loss that started in my 30s, and have owned four pairs of hearing aids over the past 20 years. I recently switched from a large local audiology clinic to Hears to U.Hears to U is a small office, and service there is personal and friendly. The office has a happy almost-family vibe, where owner/audiologist Kim Fishman and her (excellent) assistant Malia are more friends and peers than boss and subordinate. Hears to U is an unusually welcoming business!Kim carefully read my history before my appointment, and listened attentively to what I was saying. She worked to understand how my hearing loss was affecting me psychologically, and realized quickly that I needed thorough explanations to feel good about each step we took to address my hearing loss.Kim explained clearly what she could and couldn’t do for my hearing. She explained why her business carries many different hearing aid brands, and why a customer-focused clinic cannot have a brand allegiance.Kim quickly made my 5 year old hearing aids work better than they ever have (this after many rounds of adjustment at my previous audiology clinic). She explained exactly what I could expect from additional programs so I could get the most from them. She didn’t push me towards new hearing aids at all, leaving any move in that direction completely up to me.Over the next month, Kim fitted me with four different hearing aids, kept in touch during the week via email, and quickly answered questions and provided clear explanations. After these trials, one set clearly worked much better than others (and notably better than my existing aids).Purchasing was different than at my old clinic, where pricing was opaque and offered only one level of service at one (premium) price. Kim has clear, transparent pricing that let me choose between packaged and a la carte service. By tailoring a package to how I use services, Hears to U saved me $2500 on my new hearing aids.Kim did a full fitting to optimize the new aids. My hearing isn’t suddenly perfect by any means, but I’m hearing better than I have in the past 20 years. It’s hard to describe how much this means to me!I really liked my previous audiology clinic, and would not even have looked elsewhere except a recurring issue made me rethink my allegiance. I’m really glad they let me down, because it resulted in me getting a much better outcome from a more fun, far less expensive audiologist and clinic!Thank you, Kim!
Lola ThompsonLola Thompson
19:01 10 Jul 20
I was very pleased with Chears Audiology! Kim was very knowledgeable and pleasant. The service I got was A+ and I highly recommend Chears. I generally don't leave reviews, but I was so impressed Kim and Chears, I want everyone to know about this place. Kim even called a few days later to see how the hearing aids were working out. They don't disappoint. The best part is, I can hear! I had no idea how much I was missing. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Kim and Chears!

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