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Provider Options

Affiliate Provider

$ 0
  • Ability to contribute in forum
  • Ability to have a link to an online store to help your customers and be turn-key.
  • Provide more products for your patients
  • Possibility to join the referral network

Become a Networked Referral Provider

$ 250 *Join cost
  • Sell products to your patients and earn a percentage of profits
  • Ability to contribute in forum
  • Ability to get new patients with the referral.
  • Be part of something bigger embracing a change in transparency
  • Possibility of profit sharing in the future

Annual Fee for Networked Provider

$ 25 *Annual cost
  • Annual fee, won't be available until next year 2023
  • Ability to contribute in forum
  • Continue to receive referrals from the store, making hearing accessible and affordable to people in rural areas.
  • Keep on being part of the movement
  • *For Annual referral network providers - fee.
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