Used Widex Fusion CROS aid to be used with the Widex Evoke Fusion 1, Evoke Fashion, or any Widex custom hearing aid.

This will NOT work with any “made for iPhone” Widex hearing aid such as the Evoke Fusion 2 or the BTE 13D.

If you have any questions about compatibility or anything else, please reach out to us and we can help!

Technically a hearing aid for the right ear but can be switched to left side. Fitted with new 1.3 Slim Tube and tulip dome.

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Used Widex Fusion CROS

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If you are deaf in one ear and have normal hearing in the other, then WIDEX CROS is for you. The solution can also be used if you are deaf in one ear and hearing impaired in the other. This is known as a BiCROS solution. This is currently available with our EVOKE hearing aids.
Superb sound quality, and no echoes or distortion – this makes WIDEX CROS particularly good for hearing speech. By wirelessly transmitting sound from the deaf ear to the better ear, CROS reduces the head shadow effect, thereby diminishing the detrimental effects. And it looks good, too.

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Weight 5 oz
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Behind the Ear

Behind the Ear



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