This listing is for a pair of used Signia Pure Charge&Go 5Nx hearing aids. These hearing are no longer have warranties and are around 4 years old. However, they just had the li-ion battery replaced and are in great, working condition.

We tested these in our test box and found everything was working correctly with no distortion.

Although these hearing aids are a couple models old, they are still a fantastic hearing aid and many of our patient’s in the clinic still love and use theirs.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

This listing includes:

  • Pair of Signia Pure Charge&Go 5Nx hearing aids
  • 2S receivers, both right and left
  • Inductive Charger with cable

**Please note: Although these hearing aids are programmed to suit a mild-moderate hearing loss, we always recommend having them programmed by a hearing healthcare professional to be set to your hearing loss.

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Used Signia Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aids

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Used hearing aids can be sold to you to help you with what you need. We recommend that you see a licensed hearing care professional before you begin to wear this hearing aid. This used hearing aid was programmed as if you had a mild hearing loss. The product description was clear about the warranties and the no-return policy. Please check this box once you have read this disclosure.

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Product Details

More on the Signia Nx technology in the Used Signia 5NX Hearing aids from Signia:

Pure™ Charge&Go Nx combines all the advantages of Signia Nx with convenient wireless rechargeability. It is intuitive to handle because we integrated wireless charging into its design.

Wearers no longer worry that they might struggle to change disposable batteries. Only this contactless charging system gives wearers complete convenience, knowing that the hearing aids charge as they should every time.

The high-capacity Li-Ion power cell of Pure Charge&Go Nx supports top Bluetooth connectivity, allowing wearers to enjoy long-lasting high quality audio streaming. By charging up the power cell while they sleep, they can trust their hearing aids to always deliver the sounds they want to hear. Simply Charge&Go!

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
App to Use

App Availble





Power Supply


Receiver Behind the Ear

receiver in the ear


Audio Streaming

Style of Hearing Aid


If you are a member you can sell your gently used hearing aids and hearing aid accessories with us. Reach out and let us know what it is you’d like to sell and we will get it posted on our website! If you are not a member but would like to sell, become a member here. *Note*: All consignment products are NON-REFUNDABLE. Because these are used products being sold on behalf of a contract they are not able to be returned and are sold AS IS. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact us and we can resell the product you purchased under our consignment guidelines

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