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Oticon TV Adapter 2.0

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A fully integrated system With ConnectLine the user is in control of the system, not the other way around. Advanced features such as AutoPriority, AutoConnect and SelectMe ensure that the user connects seamlessly to the audio source of choice. In addition you can hear and answer a phone call while watching TV. Ease of use ConnectLine’s seamless integration has been developed and thoroughly tested with hearing instrument users in mind to ensure the best possible ease of use. Multi-source support For users with a need for more than one audio source e.g. two TVs, the SelectMe feature enables uncomplicated switching from one adapter to another. Dolby Digital® and digital stereo ConnectLine TV 2.0 supports digital sound in two widely used formats: digital stereo (PCM) and Dolby Digital®. This increases the opportunities for users to benefit from streamed sound from home theatre systems and flat panel TVs. Audio output from TVs and audio systems We recommend that you ensure the users specific equipment can in fact support the desired audio output. In some installations this will require changed settings in the TV’s audio configuration.

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