The Starkey Mini Turbo Charger is a pocket-sized charging option for the Starkey Evolv AI or Rechargeable Livio hearing aids.

The charger works when plugged into a wall or on-the-go with an integrated battery that will recharge a pair of hearing aids up to four times without a power source.

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Starkey Hearing Aid Mini Turbo Charger – Discontinued

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How it Works

  1. Place the hearing aids in the Mini Turbo Charger
    with the earbud/earmold pointed out over the side
    of the charger.
  2. The hearing aids will turn off automatically and
    begin to charge.
  3. LEDs corresponding to each side illuminate for 10
    seconds and then turn it off to preserve battery life.A Glowing Green = ChargingB Solid Green = Fully Charged

    C Blinking Red = Error State

    D All four LEDs glowing in series = Turbo Charge

  4. Hearing aids will be fully charged in under three hours.

Turbocharging occurs when the battery life of the hearing aids or charger are nearly depleted.

  • All four LED lights will blink in series while
    turbocharging occurs.
  • The charging rate will be at the turbo speed
    until achieving a 20% charge (max charge time
    seven minutes).
  • A turbo-charge of the hearing aids is equivalent
    to 3.5 hours of hearing aid use.
  • A turbo-charge of the onboard battery allows
    for one full charge of a pair of hearing aids.
  • Turbocharging of the hearing aids and the
    Mini Turbo Charger on-board battery can
    occur at the same time while plugged in.

Use of the Starkey hearing aid charger

  •  The onboard battery allows charging of the hearing aids to occur while the Starkey Mini Turbo Charger is away from a power source.
  •  It is safe to keep the hearing aids in the Mini Turbo Charger once they are fully charged. They cannot overcharge.
  • Hearing aids automatically power on when removed from the Mini Turbo Charger and power off when inserted into the Charger.
  • The charging status of the hearing aids can be observed with two quick taps to the top of the Mini Turbo Charger.
  • In order to keep the onboard battery at full capacity, it is necessary to charge the Mini Turbo Charger once every three weeks.
  • On-board battery status is only available when there is no hearing aids in the charger.
  • On-board battery charging status LED indicators:A 4 solid LEDs > 75%B 3 solid LEDs < 75%

    C 2 solid LEDs < 50%

    D 1 solid LED < 25%

    E 1 blinking LED = Charge Low, connect to a power source to charge the on-board battery

  • Keep the Mini Turbo Charger in the sleeve while not in use or when being transported.

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