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Rexton BiCore BTE (Behind-the-Ear) Hearing Aids

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With this technology:

1. Improved Sound Quality:

Dual-core processing enhances the sound quality of Rexton hearing aids, providing clear and natural amplification. The advanced algorithms in each processing core optimize the sound signal, therefore resulting in a more accurate and comfortable listening experience for the user.

2. Enhanced Speech Understanding:

Dual-core processing incorporates sophisticated signal processing algorithms that prioritize speech signals. This feature improves speech understanding, making it easier to comprehend conversations in various listening environments, including noisy or challenging situations.

3. Adaptive Directional Microphones:

Dual-core processing often includes adaptive directional microphone technology. These microphones focus on sounds coming from the front while suppressing background noise from other directions. By prioritizing speech and reducing noise, users can concentrate on the sounds they want to hear, leading to improved speech intelligibility.

4. Feedback Cancellation:

Hearing aids including Rexton BiCore Devices with dual-core processing typically employ advanced feedback cancellation algorithms. These algorithms effectively eliminate whistling or feedback noises that can occur when sound leaks from the hearing aid’s speaker back into the microphone. This ensures a more comfortable listening experience, even in situations where feedback is common.

5. Wireless Connectivity:

Many dual-core processing hearing aids such as the BiCore hearing aid offer wireless connectivity options, such as Bluetooth. This allows users to connect their hearing aids to compatible devices like smartphones, televisions, or audio streaming accessories. Wireless connectivity enables seamless audio streaming and provides convenient control over hearing aid settings for enhanced convenience and accessibility.

6. Customizable and Discreet Designs:

Dual-core processing hearing aids, again the BiCore, are available in customizable designs to ensure a tailored fit and discreet appearance. They can be fitted with earmolds or come with various types of domes to meet individual preferences, ensuring both comfort and aesthetics.

7. User-Friendly Features:

Rexton’s Bicore processing hearing aids often come with user-friendly features such as volume controls, program selection options, and smartphone apps for remote control and adjustments. These features empower users to personalize their hearing experience according to their specific needs and preferences, putting control at their fingertips.

By incorporating Bicore processing, hearing aids can provide significant benefits in sound quality, speech understanding, feedback management, and wireless connectivity. Combined with customizable designs and user-friendly features, these hearing aids offer an enhanced and personalized listening experience for individuals with hearing loss.

Overall, the BiCore Rexton BTE technology provides superior sound quality, enhanced speech understanding, feedback cancellation, wireless connectivity, customizable design, and user-friendly features. These benefits contribute to a more satisfying and enjoyable hearing experience for individuals with hearing loss.

Rexton BiCore BTE Hearing Aids:

  • BiCore processing with Speech Preservation Technology™
  • Direct audio streaming via MFI or ASHA protocols*
  • Battery operated
  • Fit with standard ear mold or thin tubes available
  • Programmable via Noahlink Wireless
  • Integrated telecoil
  • CROS compatible*
  • Child-safe battery door (optional feature), child-safe rocker switch, child-safe ear hook.

* except PL10

Additional information

Weight 60 oz

Beige, Black, Deep Brown, Granite, Gray, Pearl White, Rose Gold, Sandy Brown, Silver, Dark Champaign

Levels of technology

40 – Standard, 60 – Advanced, 80 – Premium


HP -Severe/Profound, M – Mild/Moderate, P – Moderate/Severe

How many

Pair, Single

Our hearing aids are sold separately from the service. We are working on our network to find a provider near you. Providers charge separately for services. If you are in Minnesota you can see us.

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Rexton branded hearing aids.
These are prescriptive hearing aids that need to be set by a licensed professional.

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