Extremely easy to use, the ReSound Micro Mic pairs to any ReSound wireless hearing aid within a few seconds.

Now you can enjoy conversation even in background noise. The ReSound Micro Mic is ideal for shopping trips, busy cafés or talking in the car.

Hear what’s being said – even on the other side of the room.

Don’t let your hearing loss limit your enjoyment at restaurants, college classes, community get-togethers family functions, or business events. No matter if the speaker is on the other end of the table or the other side of the room, the ReSound Micro Mic can help you hear sounds you want to hear.

A discreet and flexible hearing aid microphone

The ReSound Micro Mic hearing aid microphone lets you hear from a distance up to 80 feet away* without having to wear an extra device around your neck.

Just hand the matchbox-sized ReSound Micro Mic to the person whose voice you want to hear. They can clip it on their clothes or wear it around their neck on a lanyard.

Stream sound with crystal-clear clarity

The ReSound Micro Mic lets you stream sound from whatever direction you please. Whether it’s towards the person across from you at the dinner table or kids sitting in the back seat of your car, their voice will be streamed right to your hearing aid. This way you can feel confident that you won’t miss out on what is being said when you’re out with family or friends.
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ReSound Micro Mic

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More information on the Resound Micro Mic:

• Turn the microphone on, clip it to the speakers clothing and you’re connected
• Clear sound transmitted directly to your hearing aids with a range of 5-20 feet
• Secure, private connection
• Plug and play streamer to hear your iPod, laptop, radio or TV when you’re on the go
• If you are out of range for maximum 5 minutes, it reconnects automatically
• Operating time of 8 ½ hours with low battery light indicator
• Fully recharged in 3 hours with included charger
• Easy-to-use volume control


Bluetooth Pairing

The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone will need to be paired to your ReSound hearing aids for it to work. To begin the manual pairing, make sure the Mini Microphone is turned on. Open the battery doors of the hearing instruments to turn them off. Remove the silver cap on the Mini Microphone and locate the pairing button. Press the pairing button on the Mini Microphone once with the tip of a pen or similar tool. The yellow led light flashes once every 2 seconds, and the Mini Microphone is now in pairing mode for 20 seconds. During this time, close the battery doors of the hearing instruments. A beeping melody will be heard in both hearing instruments when the pairing is successful. This equipment does not work with all hearing aids in the ReSound range, our suggestion is that you contact us via our webform on the Contacts page with details before purchase and we will advise accordingly.



* clear line of sight

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